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so far, 2011 sucks

i don't handle hangovers as well as i used to.

saturday morning, january 1 must have happened, but i didn't see it. i didn't get out of bed until 1 pm, and that's only because we went to see a movie. otherwise i'm pretty sure i would have stayed in bed the entire day.

there are two or three small theaters in walking distance from our apartment. one is literally across the street and was playing The Social Network, which i've been wanting to see for awhile.

the movie was just as good as everyone said. very rock star tech. i loved the venue, too. i will definitely go back. if you see a movie before 6 pm you save two bucks, which brings it down to an Oklahoma priced movie ticket.

next i successfully wasted the rest of the first day of 2011 being lazy. it started to rain, which washed away any motivation i may have had to do anything at all.

and it continued to monsoon through sunday, but i couldn't be lazy two days in a row. i did some work on my entertainment mar…