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Taking A Break From Beyonce - Earsnacks w/Childish Gambino and Ed Sheeran

Last weekend was completely obliterated by BeyoncĂ©. I'm not even going to touch it. Just know that I've listened to the album no less than twenty times, and I intend on sitting through every video one directly after the other right after I complete this post. 
I'm generally in the camp of the underdog. Partially because dogs are cute. Mostly because the underdog usually deserves more credit for working so damn hard! So for all of the music that was released around Friday: 1) why would you choose the week of Friday the 13th? You knew something bad would happen! and 2) better luck next time. 
Two songs that managed to tear me away from Queen Bey this weekend were Childish Gambino's 'v. 3005' and Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire.'
+Childish Gambino - because the internet

'because the internet' is an interesting album. Interesting because it seems to be as random and distracted as the internet itself. I'm sure there was some purpose to that. I'm…

Sex. Dirty, Dirty Sex

Friends, I have something I have to let you know - if you don't know already: Sex is disgusting. 
Seriously, think about it. Ew, don't think about it.  Yes, it feels fantastic. If you're with the right person at the right time it feels out-of-this-world incredible (fireworks, much?).  But have you ever stopped to think about what you're doing? Like, literally?
You're placing your most private parts into someone else's most private parts. Or allowing someone to place their most private parts into yours, depending on your gender/sexual preference. That's GROSS, people! Sure we ignore it because it just feels so damn good. But come on, ew!
Then throw on top of that the consequences of this nasty habit we have:  1. A baby. Oh yes, this is a consequence. Particularly if you're not currently in the market for an infant. I don't even want to think about what that does to the body. There's no turning back from a baby. Well, there is, but that's ano…


Perhaps I'm a music snob. There's a good chance of that, I'm sure.  Perhaps I'm too old for 'popular' music. There's a really good chance of that.  Perhaps I'm finally realizing how much say corporations have over music. How we are force fed what we are supposed to enjoy.  Regardless of any of these possibilities... WTF are GRAMMY Nominations this year??
Taylor Swift won't go away. Accepted. Go ahead and give her a nomination for Album of the Year (Red). But why are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis blowin up the noms list? I can't figure this out. Honestly. 'Thrift Shop' was cute and all. 'Same Love' was sweet. But was The Heist really better than so many other albums that came out last year? Honestly?!? 
What are the chances Lana Del Rey will beat out Lorde for Best Pop Album? Slim. And what the hell is Bruno Mars doing on that list? That album has a song called 'Gorilla' on it. (Okay. I love that song. But a GRAMMY???) I love…