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7 Steps To Being The Best Best Friend Ever -or- Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Today is a very special day because today is Jenna's 30th Birthday.  That means that she and I have been best friends for half of our lifetime, approximately 15 years.  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that makes us professional besties. 
So, with about a decade and a half under our belts, I feel we are more than capable of sharing with you the secrets of a long-lasting friendship. Not just a friendship, but a bond worthy of a preceding "best." 
1. Always be honest

Life isn't always perfect. Everyone knows this. So why do we walk around pretending it is? Why do we perpetrate on our Facebook and Instagram profiles so that everyone thinks we got it goin' on? Someone has to know the real us. It helps if that someone isn't afraid to tell us when we're wrong. Be honest with your best friend and listen when they're honest with you. Knowing you've always got each other's best interest at heart makes it a lot easy to swallow their co…

New Music From King Tuff - A Little Band You Need To Know About

King Tuff is a band I never would have discovered on my own. That actually bugs the shit out of me because I pride myself on finding quality bands first so that I can share them with my friends and they'll be all like "I know about this cool band because Doriean told me about them!" "Doriean introduced me to this awesome band and now I can't stop listening to them!" "Doriean is so beautiful and intelligent with an incredible taste in music!" You know, normal responses.

King Tuff is a band you need to know about that I wish I had found first, but I gotta credit Jersey Mike for this one.  Their sound is different from anything in the mainstream - plus. They tour in small venues opening for the likes of Dinosaur, Jr. - another plus.

Kyle Thomas, the King Tuff, has one of those voices you either love or hate. That is at first. Once you hear the amazing talent Thomas has on a guitar, you'll get it. This kid from Vermont is the real deal. King Tuff&#…