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So Overdue, Alabama Shakes: Show and Album Review

This is rather late, but you still care about my opinion. Right? 
The Alabama Shakes are one of my favorite bands out right now. They've been around for several years but are currently getting the pickup they've always deserved. 
Naturally, I wanted to see them live. But they were only playing Coachella (never going) a show in San Francisco and a show in Las Vegas. Though were were *this* close to heading to Vegas, it never materialized, and I feared I'd miss out on seeing this amazing band until they release another album. Panic set in!
So when I noticed a tweet from Amoeba Hollywood with a message promising the chance to see the band perform in Los Angeles with the purchase of an album, I paid attention. Luckily, Jersey Mike didn't have work Tuesday. So he set out to Amoeba first thing in the morning. He was one of the first five in line, and they were only giving tickets to the first 100. The good people at Amoeba Hollywood opened the doors two hours early and gave…

Denzel Washington > Tom Hanks and I'm sorry.

I was looped into (OK honesty time I looped myself in) to a debate on Facebook about which actor is the best of our time: Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington. 

Initially my thought was: no contest. It's Denzel. I don't understand why we're having a debate. 

But then the Tom Hanks stans went so hard I had to step back and think about whether or not I was trippin' 
But I can assure you I am not. Here are my arguments.
1. Denzel Washington played Malcolm X. Today (May 19th, the date this debate began) is Malcolm's birthday, so triple points for Denzel. 

2. Denzel is sexy as hell. 
I mean, can I just...
Tom, you're a sweetheart but I'm sorry, Denzel's got you on hotness.

3.  Tom and Denzel both have two Oscars. But Denzel was only the second African American actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role (second to Mr. Sidney Poitier). So if we're talking best of our time, that's a heavy stat. 

4.  We saw Apollo 13 in science class, but we watched R…