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Sonic's Adventure -or- Evidence My Dog's Life Is More Fun Than Mine

It's been quite some time since I blogged about my exciting life in Los Angeles. That's mostly because, well, it's not that exciting. I work, I hang out, I sleep.  Prime example: it's Friday night and I'm sitting here blogging. Don't get me wrong: I love it! But it's hard to come up with things to blog about if you spend Friday nights indoors eating fried zucchini and drinking chocolate malts (guilty).  It's fine though. I sanctioned today as a #washday for my hair and my clothes. 
Sonic, on the other hand, lives like a furry king and gobbles up all of the fun for himself. 
Last weekend we made a fair attempt to go camping. If it had not been for the government shut down we probably would have succeeded. On the way there, Sonic got to sit in the front seat and wear a big-boy cap:

We got to the mountains and he got to sniff and pee and sniff and poop and pee and sniff and bark and run and sniff and pee and eat snow. 

Then, once we admitted to ourselves …

SoundAlikes: Foster The People & The Black Keys

Good morning, loves! Happy New Music Tuesday to you.  I have a special treat for you today, something new that I'm trying that I hope you'll enjoy. One of my favoritest things to do is to find lesser known bands that sound similar to more popular artists. Then, taking this information, I suggest the indie and/or breakout bands to my friends, thereby introducing them to awesome new music. Pretty cool, huh?

For example, there's this band +HEAVY ENGLISH. They sound a great deal like +The Black Keys.  I know, I know: basically every garage band with the smallest ounce of soul is trying to sound like The Black Keys these days, but hear Heavy English out. I think you'll enjoy the vibe. Start with their most popular single '21 Flights'. 

Another match is +Terraplane Sun, who sound dangerously like +Foster the People
Check out their tune 'Get Me Golden' to see what I mean. Foster The People's Mark Foster and Terraplane Sun's Ben Rothbard have doppleg…

Show Review: John Mayer

An artist who has been on my must-see list since high school. A songwriter whose songs I've been singing for more than a decade. A musician whose guitar sound is unmatched. Mr. +John Mayer, ladies and gentlemen!  One day back in March my (then) coworker ran to my desk with exciting news. "Groupon is running a deal on tickets to see John Mayer!" she exclaimed. "Tickets are $15!!!" Fifteen dollars? Really? For the whole show?!  Sold. 
So we purchased our Groupons nine months in advance and waited anxiously for October to roll around. In the meantime, Johnny boy released another album, Paradise Valley which was a step back in the right direction, opposite the mountain sound of Born & Raised. The old John Mayer is making a comeback, and it was evident during the show. 
We trekked down to San Diego surviving a car accident and the antics of a doggie that doesn't enjoy long car rides (poor Sammie). We made it with enough time to drink a bit before h…