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Sunday 2x2

This week I don't really remember what I learned. The memory of Monday through Wednesday is a total blur as I recovered from the Vegas weekend.

I learned a few things at Social Media Week Los Angeles. There were a lot of murmurs that Facebook is on the way out, especially with the tease of the new Myspace. Being a music nerd and hopelessly attracted to Justin Timberlake, I'm SUPER excited about the Myspace comeback.  Thoughts?

Secondly, this week I learned how to kick ass!! Sarahi hosted a Divas in Defense class at our house. Our instructor, the muscle-bound Chris, taught us how to defend ourselves should we be attacked. It was fun, and I actually learned a lot. I really should be more observant and careful when I'm out alone. If you're interested in hosting a class, check out

Next week I'm looking forward to going back to yoga!! My pulled groin muscle finally feels up to it, as long as I take it easy. Also, I received three new pairs of yo…

This Week in Photos

Are there classes on how to perfect the art of iPhone photography? (iPhotography classes? Yeah, I said it.) Do I really have to go out and buy a digital camera to make it seem like i have any idea what I'm doing when I take pictures? There is simply not enough room in my purse for that option. Somehow I must learn how to take better pictures if I'm going to continue to subject my readers to my life in images.
For today, you're stuck with these:
We're friends, so you probably know this already. Jermaine Dupri retweeted me this week. I then proceeded to tell ANYONE who knew what 'retweet' meant. (I am the social media expert in my office, so that was a hard ear to find.)

I got to attend sessions at Social Media Week Los Angeles #SMWLA for work. Two out of three sessions I went to were pretty informative. Unfortunately the one session that wasn't my director just so happened to come with, so now I have to explain to everyone how beneficial my time out of the …

Album Reviews - Lupe and Mumford

The Week in Pics & 2x2 ~or~ VEEEGASSSSSSS!

Because last week was a little crazy-sauce, I'm combining my week in pictures with my 2x2. (Which may end up being a good plan anyway.)

First: The week in pics.

I saw this car parked near me at the mall and FA-REAKED out. Who are you, friend??? Did you take classes from Professor Hinkle? What dorm did you stay in? Have you joined the LA Alumni Chapter? CAN WE HANG OUT!?
Work is a ton more fun with a furry buddy. Artie knows just about anything you want to know about Aston Martins and Lamborghinis, but he ain't tellin! 
My second photo shoot ever, and this is the scenery. It's a lot easier to pass up donuts if I have something this yummy to...ehem...critique.
After calling people posted at The Getty nerds for waiting for the shuttle to pass by, I went ape-shit when I saw it buzz right in front of us while we were in the car on the way to Vegas. Guess I'll never grow out of being a dork.
What's that you ask? Why aren't there any pictures of Vegas in my list? Shuc…

Killers, Kanye and Nelly Furtado Album Reviews

A couple of "anxiously awaited" albums came out this week. Overall...not so much impressed. BUT! New music is new music. So. Let's just get right into it.

Nelly Furtado - The Spirit Indestructible

Remember when Nelly Furtado was a folk singer ("I'm Like a Bird," etc)? Then she blew everyone's mind switching to hip-pop with the help of Timbaland? Well, she's sitting pretty in the same genre and, in my opinion, the transitioned should have continued. At this point her time in party bangers is spent and it's just becoming annoying. There are other, less talented artists filling the pop/party space. Pull out the "spirit indestructible" you claim and give us an album with feeling. (Harsh, right? Sorry. Just how I feel.)

'Battle Born' finally dropped! I've been listening to the single 'Runaways' and watching the trailer for centuries it seems! The album is high quality; a great listen. It may be me, but I got a real 80…

Sunday 2x2

Sundays are a day to reflect. I like to look back at last week to review what I learned and really let things soak in. I then enjoy looking forward to the week ahead and getting really excited or amping myself up to conquer the world.

Because I work Sundays at the dealership I have a full five hours of sitting around doing nothing. This makes reflection easy. And drawn out.

Last week I took part in a photo shoot at work. It's the first I've ever had a hand in. It was tons o fun and I learned a lot. The best thing I learned? The right camera makes normal people look like super models. These girls were pretty, don't get me wrong. But nothing to write home about. Each of them had a defining feature that was attention grabbing. Otherwise...the makeup, the hair and-most importantly- the camera played them WAY up. So what did I learn? Wear more makeup, stop running from cameras.

Second, and this one is easy, work is much more fun when a dog is present. Take the little furry f…

This Week in Pictures

Some of these are actually from last week.  But what are you going to do about it? That's what I thought. :)

I found a new favorite beer: Pyramid Apricot Ale. I've learned that if there's a strong amount of fruit in my beer I'll drink it and LOVE it. 

I was attacked by small children at Balboa Park while conducting field research for the HoverDisc. My job is so rough. :)

I learned SO MUCH during my very first video/photo shoot ever for work. I snapped some behind the scenes shots.

 I gathered some very...important documentation.

I avoided as many sweets as possible this week. Like the absolutely FREE donuts pictured below. Oh long johns, how I love you...

See photos of the week as they happen by following me on instagram (@doriean). Happy Weekend!