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Taking A Break From Beyonce - Earsnacks w/Childish Gambino and Ed Sheeran

Last weekend was completely obliterated by Beyoncé. I'm not even going to touch it. Just know that I've listened to the album no less than twenty times, and I intend on sitting through every video one directly after the other right after I complete this post. 
I'm generally in the camp of the underdog. Partially because dogs are cute. Mostly because the underdog usually deserves more credit for working so damn hard! So for all of the music that was released around Friday: 1) why would you choose the week of Friday the 13th? You knew something bad would happen! and 2) better luck next time. 
Two songs that managed to tear me away from Queen Bey this weekend were Childish Gambino's 'v. 3005' and Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire.'
+Childish Gambino - because the internet

'because the internet' is an interesting album. Interesting because it seems to be as random and distracted as the internet itself. I'm sure there was some purpose to that. I'm…

Sex. Dirty, Dirty Sex

Friends, I have something I have to let you know - if you don't know already: Sex is disgusting. 
Seriously, think about it. Ew, don't think about it.  Yes, it feels fantastic. If you're with the right person at the right time it feels out-of-this-world incredible (fireworks, much?).  But have you ever stopped to think about what you're doing? Like, literally?
You're placing your most private parts into someone else's most private parts. Or allowing someone to place their most private parts into yours, depending on your gender/sexual preference. That's GROSS, people! Sure we ignore it because it just feels so damn good. But come on, ew!
Then throw on top of that the consequences of this nasty habit we have:  1. A baby. Oh yes, this is a consequence. Particularly if you're not currently in the market for an infant. I don't even want to think about what that does to the body. There's no turning back from a baby. Well, there is, but that's ano…


Perhaps I'm a music snob. There's a good chance of that, I'm sure.  Perhaps I'm too old for 'popular' music. There's a really good chance of that.  Perhaps I'm finally realizing how much say corporations have over music. How we are force fed what we are supposed to enjoy.  Regardless of any of these possibilities... WTF are GRAMMY Nominations this year??
Taylor Swift won't go away. Accepted. Go ahead and give her a nomination for Album of the Year (Red). But why are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis blowin up the noms list? I can't figure this out. Honestly. 'Thrift Shop' was cute and all. 'Same Love' was sweet. But was The Heist really better than so many other albums that came out last year? Honestly?!? 
What are the chances Lana Del Rey will beat out Lorde for Best Pop Album? Slim. And what the hell is Bruno Mars doing on that list? That album has a song called 'Gorilla' on it. (Okay. I love that song. But a GRAMMY???) I love…

Bicoastal, Baby - My Trip To New Jersey

I returned from New Jersey a week ago tonight and I'm just finding time to write about it.  You may be wondering what it is I do with all my time that I can't update my blog.  That's a damn good question. 
Either way, I'm here now!! I've got a handful of pictures to show you all the super cute things I did on my trip to the other side of the country to see where Jersey Mike grew up. 
First of all, this is Lily. She's a super fluffy kitty that gives kisses when you pet her. She's basically the star of the trip. 

Jersey Mike's mom and sis live in Manasquan, NJ. It's an adorable town with tons of colonial-looking homes with so much individual character. The people are really sweet and have the type of Jersey accents that are cuter than they are annoying. We were close to the ocean, so he drove me to Point Pleasant where Hurricane Sandy did her nasty deeds. 

You can see that so much is cleared away. I'm told this area had beach houses one after the…

Show Review - The 1975 + Post Numero 100!

This is my 100th post!! And, in true fashion, it's being written weeks after the event took place.  :( Life happens, people. I need you to understand how crazy things have been for me lately. You might say, "Well, how will I know unless you write about it?" and to that I would have to say...touche. 
Many moons ago I went to The Fonda Theatre for the very first time to see +The 1975
The Fonda is a really swank venue. There is a rooftop bar that came highly recommended and then we discovered it was slightly overhyped. But the view of Hollywood from the roof was lovely and the drinks weren't bad. The artwork on the walls was perplexing, but made for great conversation. Inside the theatre are more menacing murals. Our seats were up in the balcony. We befriended a lady working the door who told us we could sit in one of the couches up front. 
That would have been cool if the people up there had actually left room for us. It wasn't long before security, more securit…

Show Review: The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala

To start, a bitter rant: It is nearly impossible to see the opening act of a show in Los Angeles.  I love seeing openers. Why, you ask? Because I can look back and say things like "I saw +Jhene Aiko before she was on that Drake album, when she opened for Nas and Lauryn Hill," or "Brandy (Norwood) was so cute when she opened for MC Hammer back in the day." 
When we heard about the concert featuring The Flaming Lips and +Tame Impala, we were actually searching for local shows for +White Denim, a pretty effing awesome band out of Austin, TX.  Because LA is so ridiculously spread out and so many people live here that there is too much God-forsaken traffic, it was impossible for us to get to +The Greek Theatre when doors opened at 7 p.m.
We missed White Denim just barely. We could hear them playing as we walked up, but by the time we entered the viewing area they were done. It just so happened they played a show the following night at +Amoeba in Hollywood but, for the …

Sonic's Adventure -or- Evidence My Dog's Life Is More Fun Than Mine

It's been quite some time since I blogged about my exciting life in Los Angeles. That's mostly because, well, it's not that exciting. I work, I hang out, I sleep.  Prime example: it's Friday night and I'm sitting here blogging. Don't get me wrong: I love it! But it's hard to come up with things to blog about if you spend Friday nights indoors eating fried zucchini and drinking chocolate malts (guilty).  It's fine though. I sanctioned today as a #washday for my hair and my clothes. 
Sonic, on the other hand, lives like a furry king and gobbles up all of the fun for himself. 
Last weekend we made a fair attempt to go camping. If it had not been for the government shut down we probably would have succeeded. On the way there, Sonic got to sit in the front seat and wear a big-boy cap:

We got to the mountains and he got to sniff and pee and sniff and poop and pee and sniff and bark and run and sniff and pee and eat snow. 

Then, once we admitted to ourselves …

SoundAlikes: Foster The People & The Black Keys

Good morning, loves! Happy New Music Tuesday to you.  I have a special treat for you today, something new that I'm trying that I hope you'll enjoy. One of my favoritest things to do is to find lesser known bands that sound similar to more popular artists. Then, taking this information, I suggest the indie and/or breakout bands to my friends, thereby introducing them to awesome new music. Pretty cool, huh?

For example, there's this band +HEAVY ENGLISH. They sound a great deal like +The Black Keys.  I know, I know: basically every garage band with the smallest ounce of soul is trying to sound like The Black Keys these days, but hear Heavy English out. I think you'll enjoy the vibe. Start with their most popular single '21 Flights'. 

Another match is +Terraplane Sun, who sound dangerously like +Foster the People
Check out their tune 'Get Me Golden' to see what I mean. Foster The People's Mark Foster and Terraplane Sun's Ben Rothbard have doppleg…

Show Review: John Mayer

An artist who has been on my must-see list since high school. A songwriter whose songs I've been singing for more than a decade. A musician whose guitar sound is unmatched. Mr. +John Mayer, ladies and gentlemen!  One day back in March my (then) coworker ran to my desk with exciting news. "Groupon is running a deal on tickets to see John Mayer!" she exclaimed. "Tickets are $15!!!" Fifteen dollars? Really? For the whole show?!  Sold. 
So we purchased our Groupons nine months in advance and waited anxiously for October to roll around. In the meantime, Johnny boy released another album, Paradise Valley which was a step back in the right direction, opposite the mountain sound of Born & Raised. The old John Mayer is making a comeback, and it was evident during the show. 
We trekked down to San Diego surviving a car accident and the antics of a doggie that doesn't enjoy long car rides (poor Sammie). We made it with enough time to drink a bit before h…

Earsnack Alert - 5 Bands You Should Be Listening To NOW

I'm currently obsessed with a lot of music, but these five bands have really got my goat.  What does that even mean? I've never owned a goat. So I'm not necessarily sure what the expression means. I've always wanted one of those fainting goats, though. So I'm going with it. 

The 1975
This group of four young gentlemen from Manchester has an album full of the most adorable songs. If you know me at all, you've heard me fawning over them for about six months now. Ever since they dropped a song called 'Chocolate' I was hooked.  Though their music is alternative in nature, there are clear funky, soulful influences. Their debut album, The 1975 came out this week and ranges beautifully from playful ('Sex,' 'The City') to moody ('Me'). There is just enough late 80s - mid-90s style pop to keep things catchy. And their accents are just so effin cute! The album is available everywhere music is sold and on +Spotify . Check them out IMMEDIATE…

Sweet September/Sugar Free 2x2

Back in July I had the fantastic idea to stop eating unnatural sugar for an entire month.  I say fantastic. I mean idiotic.  It all started when I told Jersey Mike - with massive excitement - that July was National Ice Cream Month. He asked how one would celebrate something like that. He thought it was pretty ridiculous that someone might eat ice cream everyday for a month. 
I, on the other hand, thought that was a glorious way to live.  At that point I realized I might have a problem.  So I vowed not to eat any unnatural sugar for the month of August. My only cheats would be alcohol, but I would refrain from my usual chocolate martinis and opt for less sugary drinks like...cherry vodka sours. (That's only sort of a joke.) I started with a juice cleanse from my friends at The Real Juice to help rid my body of as much sugar as possible so that I wouldn't crave it so bad. The cleanse was easy. The aftermath was horrible.

Let me clue you in to my normal day. I wake up and have m…

Earsnack Time with John Mayer, Janelle Monaé and White Denim

It's Earsnack time!!  I know. It's my favorite time, too. So let's get to it. 
White Denim - ALL OF THE SONGS!!! Seriously. 
What's Mario's favorite fabric?
What's my new favorite band?
White Denim!
Have you heard of these guys? If you have, you're in BIG trouble for not telling me about them because they oh-so-rock. Their sound is eclectic and psychedelic with a little bit of soul. mmm, magnific!  I highly suggest checking all of their stuff out on +Spotify. Their new album drops October 29, so you'll want to be prepared. There will be a quiz. 
My faves: 'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were'  - Heavy, dizzying percussion plus R&B-esque melody makes for a song I'll play on repeat.  'At The Farm' - This song is basically a jam session. No vocals, just instruments. Who doesn't love that?! 'Street Joy' - Smooth, etherial, classic. This is the quintessential late summer song. You can almost see the sun …