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there will be blood - christmas edition

twas the day before christmas
and - there's not a chance i'm going to keep that going. but it was christmas eve. and so my story begins...

i woke up to a dirty kitchen. a kitchen that should have been cleaned by My Man (the fiance previously known as The Man but who has vetoed being called that forthwith and therefore is now named My Man) but was not. because he had already left for work i started to clean. i had baking to do! cookies for Santa could not be baked in a dirty kitchen.

i picked up a glass and started to scrub. unfortunately, said glass had broken in the dish water.

blood. everywhere.

i ran around the apartment trying to remember where i'd put the first aid kit. being the intelligent unpacker i am, when deciding where to store the kit i'd thought "i don't use this very much, so no need to make it easily accessible."


it was on the tippie top shelf in the kitchen. i wrapped my poor bleeding finger in a paper towel- which was NOT sanitary - gra…

hunger strike

i'm giving up on grocery shopping once and for all.

i'd like to do that. but i also enjoy eating. so after i throw a fit for the remainder of writing this post, i'm sure i'll start making my next grocery list.

walk with me through this sad shopping saga:

act I
i realized that The Man would alternate pizza and nachos every other day and be completely content with life. i added a pasta meal and a few other ideas i knew we both would eat and went shopping based on the ingredients for each of those meals. after a few days i noticed that The Man was stopping at fast food restaurants in the neighborhood or not eating at all.

'there's nothing to eat,' he said. immediately i took offense. you mean the hundred bucks worth of food i bought is suddenly not edible?

'everything has to be cooked.'

oh. kay. so we took a new approach.

act II
we went shopping as a team and bought several things that were (painfully processed, stuffed with sodium and preservatives and) easy t…

The Way To The Man's Heart


a time for food! a time for family! a time for pretty cars! a time for television!

today DirectTV was installed at the apartment. yes it's a dumb purchase. but you try living with someone for the first time and only having one television channel. it's rough! especially when we really don't go out much. so, we moved some things around (The Man canceled his gym membership) to pay for satalitte. after working in the cable industry i feel like a traitor. but the apartment has the hookups for DirectTV and they had an amazing deal within our very low price range. so even though i feel like an idiot for buying it, i think it will be one of those little things you have to give yourself and your family each month. like pedicures. (which i haven't had this month...hmm...)

we are both away from our families, but tried to make the most of it by hanging out with the family of one of The Man's coworkers. i cooked a few things to take over and they were well received!

Around Town

one thing i should explain before i really get into this post:

i am not a photographer. i hate taking pictures, i hate being in pictures, pictures in general get on my nerves. they take up space, they are hard to manage, they bring up bad memories, they are just no good.

except when trying to explain something when you're miles apart from the person you're talking to. and except when you're reading a blog and trying your best to use your imagination but all you keep thinking is 'man, i wish there was a picture of this!'

and so, because i love you, i've started taking pictures of the things i'm doing, seeing, experiencing, etc. i know nothing of cameras. i don't understand lighting or lenses. i actually don't own a camera. i used my iPhone, and most of the time the pictures look awful. but it's still something to LOOK at. all for you my lovelies, all for you.

OKAY now that that's out. i've been bouncing around town a little bit. i've see…

The Pursuit of Happiness

lately i've been considering all the things i thought would make me so happy.

a year ago i was in tulsa planning quitting my job and moving to california. i just knew that in los angeles i would find so much happiness by following my dreams.

well, here i am. and as far as happiness goes i don't know. it's been a roller coaster ride for sure. i'm proud of myself for leaving oklahoma, but there are things i really miss. it's the holidays, and i would love to be at home with my friends and family. but instead i'm stuck here in rainy los angeles wondering where rent money is going to come from and why i can't seem to find a PR job.

a few things are not what i expected. one biggie is that even though there are always things going on, i don't always want to be doing them. i miss having friends you can always call up and say 'hey, let's grab a bottle of wine and just bullshit for a few hours.' sometimes i don't want to get dressed, fight traffic, …

Schooled at the Grocery Store

November 9, 2010

i'm so frustrated with my individual pages on this blog! someday i will figure it out. today is not that day. so the things i want to share with you will be placed on the main page because i think they are so important!!

we got our refrigerator (hooray!) yesterday so that meant we had to grocery shop (boo!). but i learned so many new things that i want to share. okay, two new things.

recently we switched to almond milk. The Man would drink milk straight from the cow if he could. so he tries to undermind my milk choices any time he gets. i've been drinking soy for several years, but health news lately has been really down on soy, so i checked it out. though soy has some immediate boosts, the long term effects are not so great. taking in too much soy, especially the over processed soy beans most of us ingest, can cause thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances.

almond milk, on the contrary, is good for you. in theory. almonds are healthiest nut. so a milk made from t…

happy refrigerator day

today we are finally getting a fridge! at least that's the plan. i've learned not to rely on plans. but i'm hoping, praying, crossing both fingers and toes that there will be a refrigerator in the kitchen when i get home.

thanksgiving is a little more than two weeks away and i am SO excited. i actually really like cooking. i've discovered that the part i really hate is the cleaning. i've avoided cooking yummy meals because of all the dishes that are messed up in the process. the cool thing about shacking up with someone is that you can guilt trip them into cleaning. "honey, how's dinner? good? so glad you like it. you know, i worked really hard on it all day and i'm so tired now...would you mind taking care of the dishes? you're the sweetest. speaking of sweet, here's dessert!" see what i did there? the most important part is making sure you're securely in another room when he decides to get started on the cleaning. if you cook like me …

family visit

my parents visited me in LA this weekend and it was so much fun, more fun than i thought it would be.

sure i miss my parents. i hate that it now takes a round trip ticket instead of a full tank of gas to get to them. so i was definitely excited to see them. but daddy was intent on staying in the hotel room and my mother and i can only hang out for a few days before we start to annoy each other. not to mention there was a televised TU game plus Halloween events. so - though i was looking forward to it - it was shaping up to be stressful.

but it wasn't stressful. in fact, it was the complete opposite. other than being stuck in the worst traffic i've experienced so far on the way to meet them at their hotel, everything was perfect. the threat of rain was for naught: it rained late one night in such a relaxing way and then it was clear blue skies by morning. the weather was perfect the entire time. they were in vacation mode so i settled into the same pattern. i can't remember t…


i should start by explaining that this blog is completely selfish. i'm in serious need of a creative outlet.

recently i moved from tulsa, oklahoma to los angeles, california. this was no small feat. it has been an unbelievable experience. mostly stressful with a few dashes of fun here and there.

why did i move here, you ask? i'm crazy. that's the bottom line right there is i am psychotic. why would i quit a good job living in a city with low cost of living and close to friends and family to move to one of the busiest and most expensive cities on earth if i wasn't clinically insane? the excuse i've been using is that i dream of working in entertainment PR, which is true. but as days go by i realize that in itself is crazy and therefore, i must be crazy too.

another big change - also pretty recent - is my engagement. growing up i never thought i would get married. it just wasn't something on my list of big dreams. move to a big city, yes. get the dream job, yes. mar…