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Words Never Die - Rest In Heaven Dr. Maya Angelou

Heaven gained an angel today. A woman who "flung" songs up at heaven, fought for equal rights for women and minorities, and inspired more than one generation. Maya Angelou was a "rainbow" in so many "clouds."  In high school we were asked to select a poem and recite it for our class.  Our task was to memorize it and really deliver. I choose "Phenomenal Woman" by Angelou. Memorization was never my strong point, and on d-day I flubbed words, got flustered, and felt like a failure. How could I have done such a disservice to a poem that lifted me so? "Phenomenal Woman" was my coming of age mantra and I discredited it in front of my entire English class. 
That was the same school year my teacher told me I was a really good writer. It was also the same year I completed my first published work, a poem. It was the year I realized writing was more than something I enjoyed, it was something I loved and could actually do well. Why? Because I was…

John Mayer Covered Beyoncé's "XO" And It's Everything You Wanted

Who needs another reason to love "XO?" Ok, me neither. But I've got one for you anyway. 

John Mayer has taken Beyoncé's sweet, synthy "XO" and covered it the only way he knows how: with near acoustic perfection. While Bey's version reminds us of a fun-filled celebration of love, Mayer takes us back to that same I-didn't-know-I-was-so-special-until-you-sang-to-me-John feeling reminiscent of "Your Body Is A Wonderland." 

So it's time to pull out those flashing "B" bow headbands again. Just set them to a slower, calmer pulse and check out Mayer's version of "XO" below. 

Robin Thicke Wants to "Get Her Back"

For all you lovers out there who ever created a mixtape for a crush. For all of you who have created a playlist, carefully selecting songs that lyrically defined every feeling you were going through. For those of you who lined up tracks speaking the intense words of your lovesick heart...
Take a back seat to Robin Thicke. 

Robin Thicke performed his single "Get You Back," at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards and released the song officially thereafter. The tune is an obvious plea for the return of his estranged wife and baby mama, Paula Patton. The song is sweet, simple, and down right catchy. 
As you well know, Robin and his so-gorgeous-how-dare-you-mess-this-up wife have been separated for several months. According to witness' alleged accounts, Patton still cares deeply for Thicke, but is extremely hurt by his actions following (and perhaps during?) last year's MTV Music Awards. 
Who's to know if this display of affection spread across the airwaves will work…

"New" Songs From Michael Jackson

If you don't understand the magic that is Michael Jackson, stop reading.  In fact, stop being my friend altogether. I'm so serious right now. 

When I was a little girl, I was going to marry Michael Jackson. In all of his leather-clad, wavy haired, light-skinded glory. That man was going to be my husband because he was (and is) EPIC. Women straight up passed out at his concerts BEFORE HE EVEN HIT THE STAGE. The pure anticipation that he would be on that stage sections and sections in front of them in fifteen to twenty-five minutes drove them so crazy that they fainted and were escorted out of the arena. 
Michael Jackson is the ultimate. Still. 
When the "This Is It" tour was announced, I prepared to sell everything I owned to buy a ticket. I have a fear of flying over oceans (don't ask) but I just knew he would announce some US shows. 
Then it happened, and so many dreams dissappeared.
So now, with a "new" album on the way out, I'm grabbing at anyth…

A Weekend Getaway In Solvang, California

For an unemployed gal, I sure do get around. 
I'm doing my best to enjoy this time. In the past when I've been without work or worried about the future, I've wasted so much energy worrying about what's coming next. This time I'm absorbing every bit of each day because soon I may be wishing I had more me time. Some days are so much harder than others. But this past weekend made appreciating the simple... simpler.

My first morning in Solvang, aka "Dutch Disneyland," started with a ridiculously yummy breakfast on a sun-filled and dog-friendly patio, complete with lemonade and mango/pineapple mimosas. 

Yeah, it's like that. 
Our first adventure was to visit the Ostrich and Emu farm near town. 
Jersey Mike had a friggin' blast feeding those beasts. He kept murmuring something about Jurassic Park feet and mentioned he had become "one with the Ostrich," whatever that means. 

 I gave it a shot feeding the emus. They were hungry little suckers. …