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Bicoastal, Baby - My Trip To New Jersey

I returned from New Jersey a week ago tonight and I'm just finding time to write about it.  You may be wondering what it is I do with all my time that I can't update my blog.  That's a damn good question. 
Either way, I'm here now!! I've got a handful of pictures to show you all the super cute things I did on my trip to the other side of the country to see where Jersey Mike grew up. 
First of all, this is Lily. She's a super fluffy kitty that gives kisses when you pet her. She's basically the star of the trip. 

Jersey Mike's mom and sis live in Manasquan, NJ. It's an adorable town with tons of colonial-looking homes with so much individual character. The people are really sweet and have the type of Jersey accents that are cuter than they are annoying. We were close to the ocean, so he drove me to Point Pleasant where Hurricane Sandy did her nasty deeds. 

You can see that so much is cleared away. I'm told this area had beach houses one after the…

Show Review - The 1975 + Post Numero 100!

This is my 100th post!! And, in true fashion, it's being written weeks after the event took place.  :( Life happens, people. I need you to understand how crazy things have been for me lately. You might say, "Well, how will I know unless you write about it?" and to that I would have to say...touche. 
Many moons ago I went to The Fonda Theatre for the very first time to see +The 1975
The Fonda is a really swank venue. There is a rooftop bar that came highly recommended and then we discovered it was slightly overhyped. But the view of Hollywood from the roof was lovely and the drinks weren't bad. The artwork on the walls was perplexing, but made for great conversation. Inside the theatre are more menacing murals. Our seats were up in the balcony. We befriended a lady working the door who told us we could sit in one of the couches up front. 
That would have been cool if the people up there had actually left room for us. It wasn't long before security, more securit…

Show Review: The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala

To start, a bitter rant: It is nearly impossible to see the opening act of a show in Los Angeles.  I love seeing openers. Why, you ask? Because I can look back and say things like "I saw +Jhene Aiko before she was on that Drake album, when she opened for Nas and Lauryn Hill," or "Brandy (Norwood) was so cute when she opened for MC Hammer back in the day." 
When we heard about the concert featuring The Flaming Lips and +Tame Impala, we were actually searching for local shows for +White Denim, a pretty effing awesome band out of Austin, TX.  Because LA is so ridiculously spread out and so many people live here that there is too much God-forsaken traffic, it was impossible for us to get to +The Greek Theatre when doors opened at 7 p.m.
We missed White Denim just barely. We could hear them playing as we walked up, but by the time we entered the viewing area they were done. It just so happened they played a show the following night at +Amoeba in Hollywood but, for the …