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Suggested Tunes for Times Like These

"Times like these" meaning those drought periods when no artist of interest to you releases new music. 
I tried to listen to Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' and could not handle it. I thought I was old when Chris Brown's latest album dropped. Now I know I am. The poppy nothingness just doesn't sustain me. Yes it's catchy, it's repetitive, the beats are simple enough that any skinny white chick could figure out how to shake her ass to them. But when the album ended I felt like I was robbed. (Luckily I streamed it for free).
When these droughts occur, I like to go back to my CDs. 
CD= Compact Disc.  Definition: those round, silvery things in the floor board of your car that are horribly scratched and probably unplayable. 
These are the ones I pulled out that I suggest you listen to if you haven't in awhile. If you've never listened to one or any of these GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Just kidding. Check them out for sure, though. 

Dashboard Confessional &#…

Last Week in Pix/2x2

Last week = Thanksgiving week! I was really looking forward to a break. As I was looking, forward I spotted this on my way to work early last week:

This, my Twihards, is dedication. 
I've become addicted to hot chocolate with Hazelnut Baileys. 
I went through an entire bottle of Baileys this weekend. I may have a problem. 
For Thanksgiving most food was supplied, but I wanted to make mac&cheese. I decided to alter my recipe so that it was gluten free. 
It turned out pretty good. When I use Almond Milk, however, I need to add more salt and more cheese. 

Below is our bourgie meat and cheese plate that Chris put together. 
Which we demolished!!
Sonic got some playtime in with Uncle Chris...

We took our Happy Thanksgiving portrait 'Californians' style:

Friday night Chris and I dropped in on Johnny Polygon's Venice shindig. He was DJing, not rapping. I was sort of hoping for some rap-action. But alas...

Super exciting, right? Well. That's how Thanksgiving goes when…

Last Week in Pix/ 2x2

Happy Sunday!
This week was relatively quiet until Thursday rolled around. On Thursday my world sort of exploded. I entered a Twitter contest with DigitalLA for tickets to the advanced screening of the final Twilight movie. Immediately after entering, I got a text from Mike inviting me to a party thrown by the project he had been working on all week. I accepted, thinking there was no way I would win the Twitter contest. 
Joke's on me. I won the contest and needed to be downtown for the movie at 5:30pm. The party was at 9pm. I rolled out of bed that morning, so I looked like luke warm crud. Trust me, it was bad. My plan had been to go home, nap, shower then head out to Hollywood for the party. But with this movie there wouldn't be time for that. 
I started my trek downtown from the valley at 4:20. An hour and ten minutes would be enough time, right? 
WRONG. Meet LA traffic. I did not make it by 5:30. I was thoroughly upset, called Chris (who had also won entry) crying because …

New Tune Review! 'Lotus' & 'Paradise'

We got a healthy dose of new music this week, people! I hope you're as excited as I am. 
Christina Aguilera - 'Lotus' Christina has proven her incredible range over and over. She's revealed her cute, then rockin, then thick voluptuous bod. She's shown she plays well with others - at least as far as music is concerned. 
So what's left? Judging by 'Lotus', not a whole lot. 
It's as if she got some pop-tastic beats, pulled her friends together (friends='The Voice' costars Cee-Lo and Blake Shelton) and held a playdate at the inner city park. 
Don't get me wrong, the songs are fun. But there are no adorable 'Genie in a Bottle' moments; no arousing 'Dirty' tracks; no introspective tunes like 'Beautiful'. It's just...not exciting. X-tina has been giving out so much advice on 'The Voice' that perhaps she feels she has nothing left to learn herself. 
'Lotus' is good. Chick can SANG, no doubt. But if you…

Last Week in Pix/2x2

Hey kiiiiiids! A good handful of things happened last week, so let's get to it:
Last week, Christopher took us to a Laker game!!  Yes, I have great disdain for the Lakers. But I'm not going to pass up the NBA in VIP, OMG! 
Had to sport the Thunder shirt. 
 If I'm not mistaken, this is the first game the Lakers won this season. Apparently I'm good luck for Lakers. 

I hope all of you went out to vote! I am completely overjoyed that my POTUS gets four more years to solidify the great work he's done. 

Friday I went to see 'Skyfall' at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.
(Picture from
I've been to the Arclight before, but never in the dome. It was superb! The movie was incredible and so was the company. 

Saturday I represented Yoga Shelter at the North Hollywood Farmers Market!  It was actually a lot of fun reaching out and talking to strangers about yoga. I got to spend time with a few awesome yogis and drank some juice I'm sure had mor…

New Tunes - Ne-Yo's R.E.D.

Roses are red and so are too many album titles this year. First, Taylor Swift's not-country-but-pop album and now Ne-Yo's newest release. 

I've been listening to 'R.E.D.' for two days now. I'm trying really hard to love it. 
But that's just it, I'm trying really hard to love it...but I don't. 
Don't get me wrong! I like it; it's more of what we've come to expect from Ne-Yo. You would be hard-pressed to find another R&B singer that sings straight to the heart of a woman. Not to mention he's written songs for the best of the best (Beyonce,Mary J. Blige, Musiq Soulchild to name a few). 
He definitely knows what he's doing and sticks to his formula. There is a newness missing from R.E.D. He loops in a few dance tracks which seem forced. Other than that it's the same ole same ole. 
So, it's not a love, but definitely a like. And there are songs on the album I really recommend:
'Lazy Love' - I've been listening…

Last Week in Pix/2x2: Less Tricks more Treats

Ah! I'm so behind on blogging! I'm sorry, please forgive.
This weekend was pretty eventful and yesterday I was exhausted. But...No Excuses November. So I'm going to suck it up and do better. 

Last Wednesday was Halloween. I did not put my Ganja Fairy costume back on, Sonic hated his dragon costume (observe):
 And Adan wasn't into wearing his costume either. Absolutely no children came to our house. It didn't feel like Halloween at all!

Later in the week I met up with my long-lost-friend Blaire! She's been living in LA for months and I just found out in September. I can't believe how grown up she is now, and I'm so proud of her for coming out here and chasing her dreams!! There will be tons more pictures of me and Blaire. 

Saturday was date dos with Michael. It was a blasty blast! We went to the LACMA for the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. And though some may think that a museum date is lame (you know who you are) it was actually pretty perfect. We learned co…