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Your Friday Earsnack Forecast

Guess what, boys and girls?  It's Friday!
The earsnack forecast for today is very Drizzy with a chance of Robin Thicke. Oh yeah. Get those umbrellas ready!

Jodeci Freestyle - Drake feat J. Cole

Probably the most perfect bridge between J. Cole's knock out Born Sinner release and Drake's upcoming album is this "freestyle". We all know Drake couldn't freestyle his way out of a sound booth (sorry, Drizzy) but J. Cole is pretty dang good at it. Drake's verses seem just as polished as anything else he does, while Cole takes his time and pulls in some classic freestyle rhymes and methods. 

Versace Remix - Migos feat Drake

This is my guilty pleasure song. Drake is cocky as usual. There are constant denials of Illuminati fellowship. The true reason why I think this song is awesome because I now get to walk around and ask people "Versace?" like it's an actual question. I also respond to questions with "Versace" like it's an actual answer.…

The Royal Family, 'Murica, Fear & Loathing

It has been waaaaaaaay too long. An entire MONTH?!? How did that happen?
I apologize, truly. I've done a few really exciting things between my last post and this one. Lucky for you I remember most of them.
I'll kick off this post with the royal family. No, I'm not talking about #Kate and the #babywatch (congrats, Princess). I mean the REAL royal family: The Carters. 
Queen B At Staples +Chris Aragon's perks struck again - for the last time, wah! - and he scored tickets to see #BeyoncĂ© at the +STAPLES Center.
Major excitement. We unfortunately missed the opener, +Melanie Fiona because a few people were super CP timin'. Apparently I'm the only one who's even heard of her (what?!) so I was the only one sad about it.
My mood improved exponentially when the Queen took the stage. 

Oh yes...

"Heeeeeey, Ms. Caaaaarteeer!"

Up in the suite (swank) there was so much room to dance. And Lord, we danced. And, well, we also drank.

 Chris is prett…