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Last Week in Pix / 2x2

Am I alone in feeling like last week was crazy long? It seems ages since I wrote my last post. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 
I could be exhausted because I went to bed at 5 a.m. and had to get up a few hours later for work. It's possible I guess. 
Anyway, here are some pictures from the super long week behind us:
Last Sunday a celebrity came to the Lamborghini dealership. She looked familiar when I saw her, but I thought she was just some skinny chick trying to look like Yoku Ono, especially because her male companion looked very much like John Lennon.  She came in, I offered her water. She said no thanks but she would take a Valium if I had one. I told her we were all out. I snapped a pic so that I could show Michelle how much they looked like John and Yoko. Hence:

When the car salesman came back in he goes: "You know who that is?" (in a particularly annoying British accent because he's from Wales). Me - "She looks really familiar." BugABrit …

Tune Review - Kendrick Lamar and RZA


All day long I've been vibing comfortably with true hip hop.

TRUE hip hop, people. Eff this no-talent, making up word to force a rhyme, kitschy, popcorn rap. I"m talking about the real shit. *steps off soap box*

Kendrick Lamar - good kid m.A.A.d. city

We've all been looking forward to it and, I've gotta say, it lives up to the hype. This album is well thought and fully fleshed out. The only way to make it better would be to press play on 'Boyz N The Hood' and let this album play as you watch Cuba and Cube on silent in your basement. You would also need to be in South Central L.A., but that's a minor detail.

Kendrick weaves an engaging tale while sticking to his eccentric, slightly schizophrenic rap style. You need to listen to the whole thing, but I'll give you my faves:

Backseat Freestyle - The first thirty seconds of this song I was convinced I wouldn't like it. At a full minute in I was in love. I'm addicted to the raw nature of thi…

Last Week in Pix/Don't Try This At Home +2x2


Last week in we go:

I voted by mail!!   This was my first time to vote as a Californian, so that's exciting. I also voted Yes on the proposition for porn stars to wear condoms. Yes, that's a real thing. God bless Los Angeles.
Friday night I got all touristy because my friend Eric was in town from Quebec. So we went to Hollywood and saw the sights. 

More sights...

Brandi and Eric....

Shrek's star (he's probably the most famous star. Just sayin.) 

Then, on the way home at almost 4 a.m. while there was no one on the road, I got a little adventurous. Kids: do NOT try this stunt! I was really really really really dumb for doing it. But. I did. And I was really really really really dumb for photographing it. But. I did. I went over 100 mph on the highway. Go, Mini, Go! 
Stunts performed by a really really really stupid chick and should not be attempted by anyone, ever.  
Last week I learned... 1. My hair is getting too long/big for bantu knot-outs and …

New Music I'm Obsessed With

I didn't review an album this week because no one album was released that struck my fancy.

Fast forward to next Tuesday when RZA's soundtrack to his film 'The Man With The Iron Fists' is released - now THAT I'm excited about!! This new song from Kanye West - leaked this week - is one of my obsessions right now. Let alone the first single from the album ('Baddest Man Alive') that features The Black Keys.

Another quality leak from this week comes from Kendrick Lamar and Drake. We all know how much I'm in love with Drake, who recently graduated from high school (all that and brains, too?) (That's only a slight joke, considering how many entertainers and athletes who start that young never do get their diplomas.) But I'm also really feeling Kendrick Lamar. So far he hasn't released anything I don't like. And to be backed by Dre is an achievement in itself. On top of ALL OF THAT this song, appropriately called Poetic Justice, samples one of m…

Last Week's Pictures/ 2x2

Clearly I'm not the best at sticking to strict blogging schedules. With the hope that you will forgive me, I have a lot of great images from last week to share!

On Thursday, Chris hooked us up with tickets to see Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION. Twas badass. The tickets were VIP, so we showed up to the swankest digs. Observe:

First, Imagine Dragons. They played the SHIT out of 'Radioactive'. I was so excited I was shaking. Their set was a percussionist's dream.  
Second, AWOLNATION. Now, all this time I've thought that Imagine Dragons was the better band, judging only by comparing their studio albums. Now that I've seen AWOLNATION live, it's a harder choice. They were incredible live! I was jumping, dancing and head-banging so much I was afraid I'd fall right off the balcony.   And, because the lead singer refused to stay in any of the spotlights, another picture:

The opening act, Zeale, was pretty cool. At the end, the rapper polled the crowd for words …

New Tunes - Cris Cab, Vivian Green

This week I checked out new albums from Vivian Green and Cris Cab.

Vivian Green - The Green Room

This album was pretty okay. I think I'm in the wrong headspace for adult contemporary R&B, or whatever they are classifying this type of music as nowadays. As I listened to it I thought of my parents and how much they would enjoy the album, if that tells you anything. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify and check it out for yourself.

Cris Cab - Rise

If it weren't for my connection with, I probably wouldn't know much about Cris Cab. Luckily I AM connected because Cris Cab is great!! His new album, 'Rise', makes me smile and bounce when I listen to it.

What I love most about Cris is that he has a 'The Voice' effect. Take a look at him and you wouldn't think his voice would sound like it does at all. So amazing! Here are my favorite tracks:

She's So Fly - Cris teams up with buddy Wyclef for this sweet little diddy

Good Girls (Don…

2x2, one day late

Last week I didn't take many pictures, so I skipped my 'Week In Pictures' post. This decision must have given my subconscious the go-ahead to skip my Sunday 2x2 post as well.

The problem is that, although I did not take many pictures last week, I actually did learn a few things. Sharing what I learned is half the purpose of my 2x2s, so I was wrong for skipping it. Therefore, here it is just one day late.

Last week I learned...

1) To speak German! Not really. I barely even ordered my own food. But we did go to this cool spot in Venice called Wurstkutche (only with the little dohickey over the 'u'). It took me awhile to decide on what to get, even though most of the menu I don't eat (I'm not too keen on pork. Wrong restaurant, much?)

Despite all of the dead pig and the patio tables shaped like coffins (run, piggies, run!), I had a great time visiting with Chris, my friend Matt who is making his way down the coast from Portland, and his friend Ben who is hilar…

New Tune Review-Miguel and Green Day

Look at me, posting new music review the day an album comes out! Don't get used to it, people. It's a slow week. And, technically, only one of these albums dropped today. Sue me! (Please don't.)

Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream

I have been (im)patiently awaiting this album. I love Miguel so much. Wale with Miguel, Wiz with Miguel, just Miguel!! I'm completely bummed I'm going to miss his free show at Ameoba Music in Hollywood Thursday. ::sigh::

You can read my full review of 'Kaleidoscope Dream' on, but here is a quick snippet:

Though he is a recognized player in the revival of “real” R&B, Miguel revealed in a recent interview that he doesn’t listen to much within his own genre these days. The Grizzly Bear and the Notorious B.I.G. are currently on his playlist. The eclectic inspiration mix is working: ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ sets itself apart from anything out right now.

And, because we're friends, I'll tell you I have two additional favori…