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I Met Felicia Leatherwood or That Time I Was A Reality TV Star

Welp. I've officially fulfilled my dream of becoming a Hollywood starlet. Easy enough, especially considering I never really had that dream in the first place.

For those of you who get antsy, go ahead and watch the episode of Head Cases that I'm featured in. If you can hold on to your pantyhose, keep reading to get the full story.

Several months ago I went to my first casting call. The request was for ladies with natural hair who could use a little help taking care of their hair. I really just did it to help a friend and to see what the heck a casting call is even like. 
A few things made me feel like going was the wrong choice: 1) I made a number of immature decisions the night before the call, which resulted in a debilitating hangover the morning of.  2) I had to drive to Hollywood. On a Saturday.  3) There were tons of girls with varying levels of professionalism and high levels of judgment. 

They had us "audition" two at a time. They asked us a bunch of questio…