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Earsnack Time with John Mayer, Janelle Monaé and White Denim

It's Earsnack time!!  I know. It's my favorite time, too. So let's get to it. 
White Denim - ALL OF THE SONGS!!! Seriously. 
What's Mario's favorite fabric?
What's my new favorite band?
White Denim!
Have you heard of these guys? If you have, you're in BIG trouble for not telling me about them because they oh-so-rock. Their sound is eclectic and psychedelic with a little bit of soul. mmm, magnific!  I highly suggest checking all of their stuff out on +Spotify. Their new album drops October 29, so you'll want to be prepared. There will be a quiz. 
My faves: 'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were'  - Heavy, dizzying percussion plus R&B-esque melody makes for a song I'll play on repeat.  'At The Farm' - This song is basically a jam session. No vocals, just instruments. Who doesn't love that?! 'Street Joy' - Smooth, etherial, classic. This is the quintessential late summer song. You can almost see the sun …

Earsnacks - New Kings of Leon

...and now the tale of how +Kings of Leon came along and kicked me straight out of my hip-hop phase. 
Seriously, I have been a hip-hop/R&B head all summer. It really is the ultimate summer genre, and my playlists were full of summer jams. But then KoL came strummin' and drummin' back into my life and I have nearly forgotten about rap (save Drake). 
The new album, 'Mechanical Bull,' is due in late September and I hope a tour is close behind. Or - dare I say - a summer tour in 2014?? Yes, please! Only time will tell. For now, enjoy these two lovely earsnacks from the boys (partially) from Oklahoma.  These tunes have opened my ears to the world of rock again, so stay tuned for more delightful alternative earsnacks.  *