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Yeezus Speaks and J. Cole Rises

Who's ready for a sacrilegious new tune Tuesday?  (And the congregation said "Amen")
Yeezus - Kanye West
With appearances by +chief keef+Bon Iver , Jesus, and Kanye's demons Yeezus sounds like the soundtrack to a nightmare. If you thought 808's and Heartbreak was dark, you're gonna need a nightlight for Yeezus.
The premise of each song - and the album as a whole - is more provocative than the Kanye we're used to. There's no more poppin' bottles for the sake of doing so. It's all 'Stop crucifying me and hatin' on the way I live'. Because life as Kanye West is rough, ya'll. Thankfully he does see fit give us a few quotable quips: "And I know she like chocolate men/ she got more niggas off than Cochran" hits you in the opening track 'On Sight' and "Eatin Asian pussy/all I need is sweet and sour sauce" precedes a hook featuring +Bon Iver on 'I'm In It.' 
Other than the lewd-level increase,…

Tune Review - The 1975 and Portugal, The Man

What's this? I review music on this blog? Since when?!?
Lately I've been listening to a bunch of new, alternative fun stuff. I'm stuck in that rut and I like it, so back off with your summer hippity-hop jams!  At least until next week. 
+The 1975  - IV The 1975 didn't have to do a whole bunch to attract my attention. A write up in some magazine I happened to grab mentioned a song titled 'Chocolate' and that's really all it took. I liked that track on +SoundCloud faster than I can eat a Hershey's bar.  Okay maybe not that fast, but pretty fast!  It's a ridiculously catchy tune that I've been listening to repetitively for months and have yet to tire of. Their adorable accents and subliminal subject matter are just so damn addictive.  You can find their full EP, IV, on +Spotify. It has five songs: 'The City', 'Sex', 'Chocolate', 'Me', 'You'. They are ALL my favorite (in order: 'Me', 'Sex', …