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why wide awake?

i'm accepting the fact that i can't sleep. it's 2 a.m. and i'm going to be REALLY sorry in about four hours.

i have a lot on my mind. usually when that happens i sleep a lot, which is what i've been doing the last week. perhaps i've used up all of my sleep hours.

my little-doggie-sonic, on the other hand, has done nothing but sleep since i picked him up from doggie daycare today. YES!! sonic went to doggie daycare for the first time today. well, yesterday. since The Man left he has been really clingy and over protective. he growls and barks at every little thing, and he's always full of energy now that he is alone all day. i figured the best affordable solution is a day at doggie daycare each week.

last weekend he passed his temperament test at The Pampered Pet, so we set his all day appointment. when i dropped him off wednesday morning it broke my heart. he didn't understand why i couldn't go with him to the play room. the lady had to pick him up and …

LA proved too much for The Man

so he left. not on a midnight train to georgia, but on an afternoon flight to tulsa. same thing.

there are perks to living alone:
1) i can decorate the apartment all girly like
2) i can eat whatever i want without worrying if there's enough for both of us
3) i watch whatever i want to watch whenever i want to watch it without having to turn it all the way up to compete with whatever he's listening to
4) all of the electric outlets are for me
5) the whole bed is for me
6) when i clean something it stays that way until i make it dirty
7) my leftovers don't disappear
8) when i want it to be quiet, it's quiet.

but when i want to hear him he's not here. as hard as i listen, he's definitely gone. this city is packed with lonely people; it's the saddest irony i think i've ever witnessed. and now i feel like i'm joining the club.

well okay, lonely boys and girls of LA. let's get this plan back on track. for the next few weeks i'm concentrating on looking the p…