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Earsnacks: Delicious Random Assortment

It's earsnack time, friends!!  I've been listening to the same six songs for the last three days in a row. Just six songs, repetitively and I have yet to get sick of them. 
Phantogram - Don't Move <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>
I heard this one Sunday while shopping at +Free People in the Americana at Brand. It was perfection. And now I can't stop listening to it. I constantly think how perfect this song would be for a yoga flow. 
Disclosure ft. Sam Smith - Latch <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>
Heard this one while perusing images of pretty menses at +Gilly Hicks. I don'…

How To Survive Valentine's Day

Apparently no one has decided to cancel Valentine's Day this year. If it were up to me I would curl up in bed and avoid all social media. But, considering I have an office job as a social media community manager that's a tad difficult.

In an effort to not be bitter and sad about having no date/flowers/chocolate/diamonds on this 'special' day, why not show a bunch of love to yourself? (I'm writing to myself as much as I'm writing to you, loves). 
Break A Sweat A good work out never hurt anyone, and it's always great to show some love to your muscles. Last night I started my own self love (oh, grow up!) with a sweet late night yoga class taught by Emily at Yoga Shelter in Studio City. Her pace is fast, the music was bumpin and the temperature in the room was upwards of 80. Woo!
Dress Up Why not put on an outfit that makes you feel confident and festive? I decided on my pink romper with black hearts from H&M (purchased last year) with a special touch: my ti…

Music News: Inspiring GRAMMYs Moments

If you didn't catch the +The GRAMMYs  I'm sure you're checking all of your trusted music publications for recaps and highlights. So I won't bore you with more of the same. Let me just clue you in to some of the most inspiring moments of the night. 

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: I love Miguel. I've loved him from the beginning, his first album 'All I Want Is You' that no one cared about (including his old record label). Apparently the world is waking up as he won a GRAMMY for best R&B song and Kelly Clarkson professed she wants to work with him. He showed effortless talent performing the 'Adorn' remix with +Wiz Khalifa.

I absolutely loved +Rihanna 's performance featuring +Mikky Ekko. No matter what that girl does in her private life she is an epic performer. And Ekko's voice is something very special. Check out more of him here.
Thank God Justin Timberlake is back. He pulled the band stand black and white…

Last Week in Pix/2x2

Last week was the first full week of #freshfoodfebruary, so most of my pictures are of - you guessed it - food. 
For example: this lovely picture from the Studio City Farmers Market. I love going to farmer's markets, even if it is for street team. Everything is so fresh, people are so nice, there are free samples...
...and ponies! At least at this market there were ponies. How adorable is that? 
On Thursday I received my 2 day cleanse from #therealjuice and I was so excited to get started, but a little nervous. 
I was down to raw foods in prep for the cleanse and opened my very first avocado on Thursday. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I still don't know how to peel them, however, so I just scooped bites out with a spoon. Mmmmm.  My cleanse went well. This juice was definitely my favorite. On day two, though, even my least favorite juice started to taste good (and honestly it wasn't bad to begin with). I still had dreams about hot dogs and s'mor…

Music News: Lights Out w/Beyonce and Lightin' It Up w/FOB

Well folks, the music event of the year is now over. Beyoncé killed it at the halftime show, brought her girls out for the we-all-knew-it-was-really-happening Destiny's Child reunion and then shut down half the electricity in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. (FYI: The NFL says it wasn't Beyoncé's fault. Read here.)
Bey's performance seemed an overall tribute to her husband. Though we were wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that Hov would show, we gave in to the theory that M.I.A. ruined any chance of Hiphop entering the SuperBowl for awhile yet when she flipped the bird during last year's halftime show. Starting with 'Love On Top' and ending with 'Halo' was not my favorite set list for Beyoncé but...she's Beyoncé. She can do no wrong. 

Yes, I love Beyoncé. But there's one thing I love more and that's Destiny's Child. And even though I knew the rumors were true I almost cried when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams jumped on st…