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Pearl Jam Covered "Let It Go," Proving The Song Officially Unavoidable

I'm not even going to ask you if you know "Let It Go," because children all over the world have completely forgotten about their Three Blind Mice and Twinkling Stars and now refuse to sing anything BUT "Let It Go" from Frozen on repeat, ad nauseam.
Honestly I've done a grand job of avoiding the tune and the movie so far. Though I realize I'm going to have to watch the movie to fully understand the new character on Once Upon A Time, I know I have several weeks before I have to suffer through the kids' phenomenon we call Frozen. I definitely thought I would be able to avoid the award-winning song for a bit longer. 
Until fucking Eddie Vedder covered it. 
Apparently at their show Friday in Milan, Vedder and his band, Pearl Jam - you may have heard of them - added the main refrain of "Let It Go" to their hit "Daughter." One of the greatest alternative songs of all time blended with probably one of the greatest Disney songs of all ti…

Black Music Month Continues - Artist Spotlight: Janelle Monae

I'm not even going to try to come up with a worthy introduction. 
Janelle Monáe.

In 2010, Monáe was hand selected by Prince to perform a song during a tribute to the legendary artist on BET. I don't know if you understand: Prince specifically requested that the then essentially unknown Monáe perform one of his classics. With that seal of approval, Monáe could do no wrong. 
And she hasn't. Backed by Big Boi (yup, of OutKast), Monáe has consistently brought quality music with a futuristic feel to the R&B game. On top of that, her astounding beauty has given hope to all of us naturalistas just trying to get by. 
 Monáe is one of the many gorgeous faces of COVERGIRL, the poster child for females donning masculine chic, and a constant inspiration for natural up-dos. Normally her curls are tucked and pinned to perfection. But just a few days ago Janelle let her twist-out fly free for the cameras. The result? Flawless of course: Beauty aside, the chick is talented. Here are …

Happy Black Music Month! Artist Highlight: Miguel

Welcome to June!
May was a long month for me. Most of the time months just zoom by, but I feel May took it's sweet time. Most likely because I was mostly unemployed for the month. I also spent some time with friends and family back home, so life slowed just a bit for a week in the middle of May. Learning the ropes at two new part time jobs has been grueling for me (I hate not knowing what I'm doing) so that made the days drag some as well. Needless to say, I'm happy June is here.
Another reason June is fantabulous? It's Black Music Month, or "African American Music Appreciation Month" according to Barack Obama. The observance started back in the early 70's when President Jimmy Carter decided we should celebrate black music. When you think of the 60's it's evident: black music ruled the airwaves those days.

Throughout the month I'm going to highlight artists who I feel are doing big things in black music. But first it's probably a good ide…