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What Time Is Perfect Timing, Exactly?

Well, hi there.  Did you miss me?  Considering this blog is for the enjoyment of mostly me and the tolerance of about four additional people, I'm guessing there wasn't much longing. But, either way, the blog is BACK if only for therapeutic purposes. 
Lately I've been thinking a great deal about timing.  As mortals, we are so bound by the limits of time. In my last year of my twenties and quickly approaching the big 3-0, it seems I'm constantly in a rush.  I'm scurrying to find the perfect apartment. I'm rushing to score my dream job.  I'm pushing myself to act more like an adult more often.  I'm constantly jumping to conclusions in my relationship in an effort to make sure it's worth my time.  Yeah, that sounds pretty awful. But it's the truth! It's what we put ourselves through because of the insane pressure to have it all figured out by a certain time.  
Why is it so hard for us to simply ENJOY our time, regardless of the level of perfect…