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Last Wk in Pix + 2x2

Newsflash: It's still not Friday. 
On a happier note: I have a few pictures from last week. 
Last week (January 22nd, to be precise) was my birthday! I made Chris and Kelli drive deep in to the valley to the new Yardhouse in Northridge to watch the Clippers v Thunder game and toast to me being older. 
At work, everyone gets cake and decorations for their birthday. The problem was, they didn't know it was my birthday.  Cake is a big deal. So I let my pal Adriana know that it was my birthday and the next day there was cake and decor.  Most importantly, cake. 

Saturday we got all gussied up and went out for ma'birthday. Well, first: we helped Chris move. Which explains the shape their apartment is in in the background. 

Thank goodness this is the only picture we took while we were out, because thing started getting real sloppy on my part not too long after the photo above was taken. I want you to remember me just. like. this. 

Coachella tickets went on sale, and weekend one …

Coachella Lineup Announced!

Read through that. Soak it in. Breathe. Come on, breathe!
Rumors are verified (The xx, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Postal Service). Big time reconnects (Jurassic 5, Wu-Tang Clan). New movers and shakers (Alex Clare, The Lumineers, Jessie Ware). And, come on is this real life?! (The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Tegan and Sara, Franz Ferdinand, Two Door Cinema Club, Passion Pit, Janelle Monae, 2Chainz, Pusha-T, Metric, Beach House, Japandroids, Moby, La Roux. 
Just read it. I could sit here and get excited about just about every band/artist. Every time I re-read this lineup I feel like my head's going to explode.
How did we not know that part of (the culmination? the beginning? the main event of?) the Wu-Tang Clan reunion would be at Coachella? We've been reading about the reunion everywhere but somehow no one caught the scent of THIS. Or maybe I've just been so distracted with news of the Postal Service FINALLY getting back together and re-releasing 'Give Up' along wi…

New Tune Review: Long.Live.A$AP

It's been awhile since you've gotten a review from me! Are you excited?

The issue was there was nothing that piqued my interest in the music world lately.

I know, weird.

The only album I felt was worth listening to was the new +Alicia Keys 'Girl on Fire' and...I'm not going to review that. It made me very sad. It's as if she's forgotten her biggest draw: she's an amazing pianist. That's my favorite thing about Alicia, mainly because I play. She also wastes a perfectly good collabo with Maxwell on 'Fire We Make'. The song is...underwhelming.

So, I'm not giving it an official review. Haha, "official."

I AM however going to review the album from A$AP Rocky.


I may have been one of the only people not-so-anxiously anticipating this one. I wasn't very impressed with Live.Love.A$AP, the mixtape. Assumptions aside, 'Long.Live.A$AP' is currently my favorite album.

A$AP Rocky has figured out the perfe…

Last Week in Photos- Celebs, Models and a Lil Super Star

My dear readers (all two of you) it has been a crazy 2013 so far.
I've been working like a mad woman. Then I was on my deathbed for several days. That's an exaggeration, but on Wednesday if you had told me I might day I would have welcomed the relief.
Luckily, now I feel like a human again and I have SO MUCH to show you!
Last weekend for work I went to the Golden Globes gifting suite where I shook hands with over 80 celebs and members of the media. (Now you understand how I got sick. Celebrities spread disease.)
For some reason people like taking pictures with me. I PROMISE I didn't want to be in these pictures because we actually have to use them for work. But. I'm in them. Prepare yourself for shameless name dropping. And know that I'm actually sparing you a few. 

 This is my new boyfriend Michael Steger from '90210'. I was very much in love with his hat...until I saw his eyes. 
 This young man needs no introduction, RJ Mitte from 'Breaking Bad'.…

Two words: Justin. Timberlake. Two more: New. Album.

Grandmas, chirren and babies!!

This morning I discovered a profound link via Twitter:

Follow it and you'll know what I know, which is this:

There will soon be a new album from +Justin Timberlake

Please share in my excitement!

While we love him in movies (such a great actor, Mickey Mouse Club taught him well), we hate to love him with Jessica Biel (damn them and their attractive romance), and we're happy he has resurrected Myspace (even though we're all still trying to figure the whole thing out) where we swoon uncontrollably is listening to his voice, and these random cameos and hook pick-ups are just not going to cut it anymore.

I know I owe an album review, and I'm getting there. Since we hit 2013 things have been crazy for me. But this is news I just couldn't keep to myself!

Last Week of 2012 in Pix/2012x2013 2x2

Twenty-twelve is over!! It's 2013!
I'm going to type less to make room for more pictures, cuz there's a week and a half's worth. 
On Christmas Eve Chris, Little Baby Lisa and I volunteered for the Mary Magdalene Project. We wrapped gifts in the mall for money. 

Well, we walked around the mall handing out depressing flyers and spying on organizations with better booths. But then we wrapped a few things.

I'm cutting out Christmas pictures because I'm sure you guys don't care about the awesome loot I got and the gluten free pancakes and pot cookies I made. 
If you do, request photographs/recipes in the comment section. Thanks and goodnight. 

For New Years Eve Chris and I went to San Francisco!!
We took a Megabus, which cost us a total of $4 plus tax for a round trip. For BOTH OF US.  

Eight hours and two annoying children parents later,we dropped our junk at my friends' hotel room and explored Union Square.
So pretty! I loved the trollies.   We then proce…