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Earsnack Alert - 5 Bands You Should Be Listening To NOW

I'm currently obsessed with a lot of music, but these five bands have really got my goat.  What does that even mean? I've never owned a goat. So I'm not necessarily sure what the expression means. I've always wanted one of those fainting goats, though. So I'm going with it. 

The 1975
This group of four young gentlemen from Manchester has an album full of the most adorable songs. If you know me at all, you've heard me fawning over them for about six months now. Ever since they dropped a song called 'Chocolate' I was hooked.  Though their music is alternative in nature, there are clear funky, soulful influences. Their debut album, The 1975 came out this week and ranges beautifully from playful ('Sex,' 'The City') to moody ('Me'). There is just enough late 80s - mid-90s style pop to keep things catchy. And their accents are just so effin cute! The album is available everywhere music is sold and on +Spotify . Check them out IMMEDIATE…

Sweet September/Sugar Free 2x2

Back in July I had the fantastic idea to stop eating unnatural sugar for an entire month.  I say fantastic. I mean idiotic.  It all started when I told Jersey Mike - with massive excitement - that July was National Ice Cream Month. He asked how one would celebrate something like that. He thought it was pretty ridiculous that someone might eat ice cream everyday for a month. 
I, on the other hand, thought that was a glorious way to live.  At that point I realized I might have a problem.  So I vowed not to eat any unnatural sugar for the month of August. My only cheats would be alcohol, but I would refrain from my usual chocolate martinis and opt for less sugary drinks like...cherry vodka sours. (That's only sort of a joke.) I started with a juice cleanse from my friends at The Real Juice to help rid my body of as much sugar as possible so that I wouldn't crave it so bad. The cleanse was easy. The aftermath was horrible.

Let me clue you in to my normal day. I wake up and have m…