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The music died with Prince today

Today I had a breakdown at work. Like a damn fool. 
I had a horrible night, woke up exhausted, and decided to remain unplugged until I got to work. I wanted to take the morning slowly. 
I arrived at the office, sat down in my first meeting and heard "I'm just so sad about the news. We're going to write a few things about Prince today, Doriean are you able to do that?" 
So I'm sitting there like a dumbass asking "What happened?"
Then it hit me. Maybe that wasn't the flu that caused Prince's plane to land suddenly last week. Maybe something was really wrong. 
Because he's gone. 
So then I'm listening to my assignments, trying to wrap my brain around selecting the best Prince songs (impossible). I'm talking like nothing is happening but tears are streaming. My editor asks if I need a minute and I run to the bathroom and bawl like an infant. 
I've been trying to listen to music all day. But nothing compares. And I can't listen t…