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i should start by explaining that this blog is completely selfish. i'm in serious need of a creative outlet.

recently i moved from tulsa, oklahoma to los angeles, california. this was no small feat. it has been an unbelievable experience. mostly stressful with a few dashes of fun here and there.

why did i move here, you ask? i'm crazy. that's the bottom line right there is i am psychotic. why would i quit a good job living in a city with low cost of living and close to friends and family to move to one of the busiest and most expensive cities on earth if i wasn't clinically insane? the excuse i've been using is that i dream of working in entertainment PR, which is true. but as days go by i realize that in itself is crazy and therefore, i must be crazy too.

another big change - also pretty recent - is my engagement. growing up i never thought i would get married. it just wasn't something on my list of big dreams. move to a big city, yes. get the dream job, yes. mar…