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i should start by explaining that this blog is completely selfish. i'm in serious need of a creative outlet.

recently i moved from tulsa, oklahoma to los angeles, california. this was no small feat. it has been an unbelievable experience. mostly stressful with a few dashes of fun here and there.

why did i move here, you ask? i'm crazy. that's the bottom line right there is i am psychotic. why would i quit a good job living in a city with low cost of living and close to friends and family to move to one of the busiest and most expensive cities on earth if i wasn't clinically insane? the excuse i've been using is that i dream of working in entertainment PR, which is true. but as days go by i realize that in itself is crazy and therefore, i must be crazy too.

another big change - also pretty recent - is my engagement. growing up i never thought i would get married. it just wasn't something on my list of big dreams. move to a big city, yes. get the dream job, yes. marry a handsome man and live happily ever after? nope, nothing of the sort. yet here i am trying to learn to live with someone for the first time while also wrapping my head around planning a wedding, which i've never considered. i don't even know where to start. so far there has been a lot of bitching and not enough compromising. but i'm working on it because i love my baby, he's The Man. and he is living in a city he really seems to hate because of my silly dreams.
oh the fun doesn't stop there, people. my next new development: debt. i always wondered how people could slip into ten thousand dollars worth of debt without realizing it. welp, now i get it. tulsa income mindset-los angeles living=negative bank accounts. i remember complaining about being "broke" back in oklahoma. now i laugh (and immediately cry) when i think of those times. right now i am really seriously bah-roke. each month is worse than the last. however, each time i wonder how it's going to work out it just does. which fuels the whole crazy thing i mentioned earlier and allows me to stay in this ridiculous city.

next on the list is the fact that in two weeks we will be homeless. the original plan was to live in our current apartment splitting rent three ways with a roommate. through a sequence of events that plan was ripped to shreds and now we are scrambling trying to find an apartment with the following:
-low price (we need to work on the debt mentioned earlier)
-allows large pets (The Man has a yellow lab he'd like to bring from OK)
-walking distance to The Man's job (we share a car, so he walks to work)
all basic criteria that is impossible to find in one apartment. i've been searching, digging, scrounging and praying for a place and now that we are down to the wire i am severely freaking out.

you can imagine the effects that the last few months have had on me. and so yet another thing is physical and mental health. i've become very conscious of what i put in my body. i like all natural foods and i like to know where my food comes from. buying all natural foods isn't helping in the debt department. cooking healthy isn't helping in the living together department. i'm trying to find the middle ground. lately i've noticed i'm starting to gain weight. i'm told this is a product of married life or shacking up. that simply won't do, but right now a gym membership is out of the question. i also discovered i have high blood pressure. this is probably due to the stress i'm under. another thing stress has done to me is cause me to develop trichotillomania, which is gross and frustrating and i will discuss later. therefore i'm creating this blog as a creative outlet in order to try and relieve some stress and deal with these new issues.

so here we are. together we are going to figure all of this out. you and me.
-how to effectively find a place to live and love in west LA
-ways to cut cost and eliminate credit card debt
-ideas for eating right, staying in shape and relieving stress that won't upset The Man or The Wallet
-opportunities to compromise and learn to live with someone you love to hate to love

i figure you, the reader, might be dealing with at least one of the problems above. why i happen to be dealing with all of the simultaneously i'll never know, but maybe i can help someone else as i figure out how to help myself. and so this isn't the most depressing blog ever, i'll occassionally toss in some fun stuff as it happens.



  1. Glad you're back into blogging & looking forward to reading more. :)


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