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Tune Review - The 1975 and Portugal, The Man

What's this? I review music on this blog? Since when?!?

Lately I've been listening to a bunch of new, alternative fun stuff. I'm stuck in that rut and I like it, so back off with your summer hippity-hop jams! 
At least until next week. 

+The 1975  - IV
The 1975 didn't have to do a whole bunch to attract my attention. A write up in some magazine I happened to grab mentioned a song titled 'Chocolate' and that's really all it took. I liked that track on +SoundCloud faster than I can eat a Hershey's bar. 
Okay maybe not that fast, but pretty fast! 
It's a ridiculously catchy tune that I've been listening to repetitively for months and have yet to tire of. Their adorable accents and subliminal subject matter are just so damn addictive. 
You can find their full EP, IV, on +Spotify. It has five songs: 'The City', 'Sex', 'Chocolate', 'Me', 'You'. They are ALL my favorite (in order: 'Me', 'Sex', 'Chocolate', 'The City', 'You'). Man, do these guys know how to choose titles. And, if you have patience, there is a hidden track on 'You'. Bonus! check this one out immediately. 

+Portugal TheMan - Evil Friends

Not to take the limelight away from Portugal, The Man, but geez, +Danger Mouse! Has he ever in his career produced anything bad? When +Timbaland or +Jermaine Dupri produce an album, their stench - for lack of a better word - is all over it. Okay a better word is probably aesthetic, but I'm keeping stench. 
Danger Mouse allowed Portugal, The Man to keep their signature sound and tell their story. He's more of an enhancer than a producer. Holding on to artist originality he polishes it, dips it in sugar and packages it in handy bite-sized pieces for yummy mass consumption. 
Fave Tracks:
Evil Friends - Lead Single Gold. This song has been making the rounds a little while, and is the reason why I looked into Portugal, The Man. It's just fun. And mean. An aloof. 
Atomic Man - The clapping. My love for this song revolves totally around the clapping.
Smile - What a precious little closing song this is! And it sums up all of the "I know bad stuff is happening, but I don't wanna hear it, I just want to have fun and do what I wanna do, so shut UP" attitude of this album. But is it that simple? DEEP.

Alright, kiddos. That's your lot for today. 
Happy listening!



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