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The Royal Family, 'Murica, Fear & Loathing

It has been waaaaaaaay too long. An entire MONTH?!? How did that happen?

I apologize, truly. I've done a few really exciting things between my last post and this one. Lucky for you I remember most of them.

I'll kick off this post with the royal family. No, I'm not talking about #Kate and the #babywatch (congrats, Princess). I mean the REAL royal family: The Carters. 

Queen B At Staples
+Chris Aragon's perks struck again - for the last time, wah! - and he scored tickets to see #Beyoncé at the +STAPLES Center.


Major excitement. We unfortunately missed the opener, +Melanie Fiona because a few people were super CP timin'. Apparently I'm the only one who's even heard of her (what?!) so I was the only one sad about it.

My mood improved exponentially when the Queen took the stage. 

Oh yes...

"Heeeeeey, Ms. Caaaaarteeer!"

Up in the suite (swank) there was so much room to dance. And Lord, we danced. And, well, we also drank.

 Chris is pretty much the bestest friend that anyone could have. 
And no, I'm not just saying that because of Beyoncé (but it didn't hurt).

Jay-Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail

Is it my imagination, or have there been absolutely no negative reviews of this album? Are journalists afraid? Are they all on the payroll? Well, I'm a free agent, and I say what I want! lips are sealed. You know, just in case that #Illuminati thing is for real. 

It's not that the album is bad. Jay oozes talent, which I'm pretty sure he has no control over. He's struggling with the newness of parenthood and memories of a fatherless childhood. He's watching his back for liars and back-stabbers. But that's about it for the cons list. As far as the rest of Jay-Z's life goes, things couldn't get better. Unlimited funds. Ridiculously gorgeous and talented wife. Flourishing career. #POTUS on speed dial. Come ON. Perhaps the main issue with 'Magna Carta...' is that it's not relatable. Absolutely no one lives like Jay-Z does. 

Now that 'Yeezus' and 'Magna Carta' are both out in the open, did anyone notice what I did: that neither artist appeared on the other's album? Are Ye and Jay fighting? I realize they just did 'Watch The Throne,' but it's not like anyone is tired of songs that feature them both. That shit's auto-gold. I need them to hire some babysitters and schedule some studio bro time soon.

Fave Tracks:
(The ones with Beyoncé in them, duh)
Tom Ford - If not the best on the album it's for sure the catchiest. 

Part II (On The Run) - Bonnie and Clyde are still bookin' it, ya'll! Go ahead, Carters. Rub it in that your Hollywood marriage isn't a Hollywood marriage at all. Here's a hint: none of us ever thought it was. 

La Familia - This song fuels my unhealthy obsession with the mafia. There are some great lines in this one, including: 
"Niggas wanna kidnap wifey/Good luck with that, bruh/You must gon' hide your whole family/Whatchu think we all wearin' black for?"
"Tell these niggas pull they fuckin skirt down/I can see they ovaries"


Okay, enough about famous people. They're so boring. Let's talk about me!

Independence Day Sans Aliens

Very uncharacteristically, my company gave us a free day off the Friday after July 4th. Knowing I had a four day weekend ahead, I picked up Sonic and headed straight to Mt. Washington after work on Wednesday. 

Jersey Mike and I lost our minds buying food. I spent and cooked way too much. But, boy, was it yummy!

 I made two cheesecakes...

 Sun tea...

 A mountain of pinwheels...

..and baked beans. But, at that point I was beyond inebriated. Sorry 'bout it. I also neglected to take pictures of the AMAZING fireworks show. Way up in the hills we could see literally every show in the city. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Independence Day was beyond fun.

God Bless America. 

One of Jersey Mike's favorite recreational activities is frisbee golf. So I spent some time with him and two of his boys and learned the sport. 

I'm pretty effin awful at it. But because it was my first time, his friend Zach gave me a frisbee!! 

Now I can practice. 

Stop laughing, I'm serious. 

 After just barely missing +Quiet Company at +Origami Records (so saaaad!!!) we walked over to the newly reconstructed Echo Park lake. It was so pretty!

We actually managed to take a picture together:

Man, this post is wearing me out. It's like a novel. I swear I'm wrapping it up. Try to enjoy it, because it may be another month before I post again! #idlethreat

Last weekend I went to #Vegas for work. I know, I was just as surprised as you to learn that people actually go there for work. 

It's still gorgeous!

 I took this picture while I was peeing at TheMix in +Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino:

I realize that's a bit TMI, but the fact that there is a window from floor to ceiling right there in the bathroom stall is awkward AND awesome. And yes, you can totally see my reflection on the toilet. I'm such a lady. Don't worry, all my bits are covered. 

Well, that's a lovely drunk photo, isn't it? This is my friend Eric from Canada! I love him so very much. We were both in town for +CosmoProf

We cabbed it to +The Mirage Hotel & Casino to meet up with peeps from +Procter & Gamble. At which point we joined their table, which eventually gained champagne and chocolate. 

 Then came the hard part: working the next morning!

And yet I did NOT learn my lesson. This is the second of (I think) five martinis plus. Most of them chocolate. Mmmmm.

The next day I felt every single drink/shot. How do people live and work in Las Vegas? I can't deny the call to go out, but I'm a professional. I smiled, I spoke intelligently, I networked. 

And I drank a ton of water.

After work I played slots for the very first time ever. 

Of COURSE I had to play this one! It was pretty lame though, I must say.

After another day of hungover work, I was more than ready to get back to LA. But this was not in the cards. Due to the convention logistics company losing our crate, we were trapped in the convention center waiting to tear down our booth and load up until about 7:30 p.m. - four and a half hours after the show ended. 

Literally trapped. If you can't tell, at this point delirium had set in.

 We finished around 9:15, about thirty minutes after my plane took off. 

I left my zebra shoes. I loved those shoes to death, and they really looked like it. RIP.

The next morning we took the first flights back to LA. I was more than exhausted, and I've done something horrible to my back. However, it was my marketing director's last day so I went in for a few hours. 

Now that she's gone, I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact that I've been promoted. It's especially hard considering I have yet to receive a raise...

What kind of post is this, anyway? Is this a 'Last Month in Pix' or a review post? It's been awhile, so feel I owe you a 2x2 either way:

This passed month I learned:
1 - I'm really going to miss Chris's old job, but I hope he finds what he's looking for in the new one.
2 - It's not a fun idea to stay in Vegas for more than three nights, and never stay on a Tuesday.

Over the next 30 days I'm looking forward to:
1 - Manning up and asking for my raise
2 - Some amazing potential writing opportunities that I can't really mention but I'm about to burst out of my skin over. 

Gross, I know. 



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