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Earsnack Time with John Mayer, Janelle Monaé and White Denim

It's Earsnack time!! 
I know. It's my favorite time, too. So let's get to it. 

White Denim - ALL OF THE SONGS!!! Seriously. 

What's Mario's favorite fabric?
What's my new favorite band?
White Denim!
Have you heard of these guys? If you have, you're in BIG trouble for not telling me about them because they oh-so-rock. Their sound is eclectic and psychedelic with a little bit of soul. mmm, magnific!  I highly suggest checking all of their stuff out on +Spotify. Their new album drops October 29, so you'll want to be prepared. There will be a quiz. 

My faves:
'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were'  - Heavy, dizzying percussion plus R&B-esque melody makes for a song I'll play on repeat. 
'At The Farm' - This song is basically a jam session. No vocals, just instruments. Who doesn't love that?!
'Street Joy' - Smooth, etherial, classic. This is the quintessential late summer song. You can almost see the sun setting on the west coast when you listen to it. Almost. le sigh.

I'm now accepting donations in order to afford to go to their show with The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala in October. I want to go almost as badly as I want to go to the +Justin Timberlake show in November. So far it looks like I'm not going to either.

John Mayer - Paradise Valley

New +John Mayer, woo-hoo!! Though it gets a touch bluegrass at times, the new album shows Mayer retracting from the backwoods mountain sound of 'Born And Raised' and working his way back to his signature sound. The guitar still sings just as sweet as his voice. It's a solid album. 

Highlights (I don't have favorites yet. I need to listen another ten times first.)
'Paper Doll' - Let's be frank: this song is about +Taylor Swift. It cuts like a knife, man. I wonder how she feels about someone finally releasing a song about her. 
'Who You Love' - John Mayer and +Katy Perry are pulling a Jay and Bey: recording a song together. It's all kinds of corny, if you like that sort of thing. I love the way Katy Perry's voice sounds in this song. Even better than I feel she sounds on her own poppy pieces of radio candy. 
'Wildfire' ft. Frank Ocean - Aww...John and Frank did a tradesie! Just like the song with John Mayer on Frank Ocean's album, this song is super short; not enough yet just enough. 

Janelle Monaé ft. Miguel - Primetime

Hooray for Janelle Monaé's new album coming out FINALLY.
Well, not yet, but soon. As in less than a month from now on September 10! The album features duets with Erykah Badu, Prince (PRINCE!!!!!) and this track with Miguel. 

If you've read my blog/know me at all, you know I'm obsessed with Miguel. He can do no wrong. Kick an audience member in the head during a performance? I forgive you. Get arrested for diving under the influence? That's okay, boo. 
This song is no different. I can't help but think of 'Where Is My Mind' by The Pixies due to the consistent 'ooo'-ing throughout the track. But in my opinion that's not a bad thing. The tune is just the right amount of sensual. I lurves it. 
You can listen to it here and lurve it, too!

Enjoy these yummy earsnacks!



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