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Taking A Break From Beyonce - Earsnacks w/Childish Gambino and Ed Sheeran

Last weekend was completely obliterated by Beyoncé. I'm not even going to touch it. Just know that I've listened to the album no less than twenty times, and I intend on sitting through every video one directly after the other right after I complete this post. 

I'm generally in the camp of the underdog. Partially because dogs are cute. Mostly because the underdog usually deserves more credit for working so damn hard! So for all of the music that was released around Friday: 1) why would you choose the week of Friday the 13th? You knew something bad would happen! and 2) better luck next time. 

Two songs that managed to tear me away from Queen Bey this weekend were Childish Gambino's 'v. 3005' and Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire.'

+Childish Gambino - because the internet

'because the internet' is an interesting album. Interesting because it seems to be as random and distracted as the internet itself. I'm sure there was some purpose to that. I'm also sure that, with everything that must be going on in Donald Glover's head, this outcome was inevitable. Notable tracks are: 
V. 3005 - An adorable tune about devotion from now until the future
I. Pink Toes ft. Jhene Aiko - Are Jhene and Glover dating? They tell the media no, but I have my suspicions. Either way I love Jhene Aiko which means I heart this song. 
I. Flight of the Navigator - There is something lovely and erie about this song. Similar to the feeling I get when listening to Frank Ocean. There is love, desperation, and beauty all wrapped up in this simple tune. 

+Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

If you don't recognize the talent of Ed Sheeran, I need you to wise UP! This man never ceases to amaze me. This weekend I went to see 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" (in 3D!!) and this little ditty played through the credits. I love how he didn't try to make a pop radio masterpiece out of a box office movie track. It's specific to the film/story and just such a gorgeous piece of music! 

Hopefully this was enough to wake you up from your Beyoncé coma. Take a shower, eat something, then feel free to return to counting all of the Illuminati images in her 'Haunted' video. 



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