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Black Music Month Continues - Artist Spotlight: Janelle Monae

I'm not even going to try to come up with a worthy introduction. 

Janelle Monáe.

In 2010, Monáe was hand selected by Prince to perform a song during a tribute to the legendary artist on BET. I don't know if you understand: Prince specifically requested that the then essentially unknown Monáe perform one of his classics. With that seal of approval, Monáe could do no wrong. 

And she hasn't. Backed by Big Boi (yup, of OutKast), Monáe has consistently brought quality music with a futuristic feel to the R&B game. On top of that, her astounding beauty has given hope to all of us naturalistas just trying to get by. 

 Monáe is one of the many gorgeous faces of COVERGIRL, the poster child for females donning masculine chic, and a constant inspiration for natural up-dos. Normally her curls are tucked and pinned to perfection. But just a few days ago Janelle let her twist-out fly free for the cameras. The result? Flawless of course:
Via BlackGirlLongHair
Beauty aside, the chick is talented. Here are a few of my favorite Janelle jams to get you started:

"Cold War" - Ready to get amped? This is the perfect song for that. The lyrics are equipped to make you think while the beat forces you to make moves. 

"Give Em What They Love" feat Prince - FEATURING PRINCE. That is all.
OK, that's not all. This song also includes screeching guitar, praise-worthy organ and horns, and impossible vocal range, all in addition to that notable Prince stank we all love so much. 

"Electric Lady" feat Solange - The title track from her latest album, there is literally nothing wrong with this song. I had the pleasure of seeing Janelle Monáe at a free show in Los Angeles a little over a year before she dropped the Electric Lady LP and she debuted this song. I was on the wire weekly trying to get just a few seconds of the track for repeat listening, but couldn't find it anywhere. I had to wait until about a month before the album actually came out. Like the old days. It was torture!! But well worth it. The entire album is great, and this song is still one of my faves. 

Janelle Monáe. Fashion icon and musical genius. 



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