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Last Week in Pix / 2x2

Am I alone in feeling like last week was crazy long? It seems ages since I wrote my last post. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 

I could be exhausted because I went to bed at 5 a.m. and had to get up a few hours later for work. It's possible I guess. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from the super long week behind us:

Last Sunday a celebrity came to the Lamborghini dealership. She looked familiar when I saw her, but I thought she was just some skinny chick trying to look like Yoku Ono, especially because her male companion looked very much like John Lennon.  She came in, I offered her water. She said no thanks but she would take a Valium if I had one. I told her we were all out. I snapped a pic so that I could show Michelle how much they looked like John and Yoko. Hence:

When the car salesman came back in he goes: "You know who that is?" (in a particularly annoying British accent because he's from Wales).
Me - "She looks really familiar."
BugABrit - "That's Vera Wang."
Oooohhh! Michelle immediately started devising a plan for me to score her a wedding dress. I just couldn't get over how nice she was. Or how she'd asked me for a Valium. 

While Vera was out test driving the soon-to-be-hers Lambo, I finished this book: 

It's very good and relevant for me right now because Chris and I are ramping up to start a lil ole company. I love the way Tony writes: extremely conversational and relatable. It got me excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to start a successful business that's about more than profit. 

Once I finished, I remembered I haven't read a fictional book since 'The Hunger Games,' so if there are any suggestions send them over. After all of these self-help/health books I'm ready for something that takes me out of reality. Note: if your suggestion is 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' thanks but no thanks.

Are we sure last week wasn't more than seven days long? Because I went to Starbucks a lot last week. But it actually paid off because I'm one step closer to gold status!! 

I'm a slaaaaaaaave for Starbucks. Ugh. 

 Ever since I've been using Thryve - the new app Caleb built that's blowing up the health tech world - I've been paying really close attention to how the things I eat make me feel. I'm fairly sure that my body does not like gluten. I feel awful when I eat a gluten-heavy meal. It's great going down, but then I feel like crap. That observation and all of my auto-immune deficiency nonsense has me in the market for a nutritionist. Anyway. Just because I'm eating gluten free (trying at least) doesn't mean I can't have things that are horrible for me! Enter: Lucy's chocolate chip cookies.

I inhaled these morsels. They taste better than there more glutenesque cookie cousins. I'm addicted. 

Another candy that's gluten free? Candy corn! Who knew? (Actually only certain kinds - like Brachs -  are gluten free.) 
Every fall for my entire life, Daddy has had candy corn and cashews available for snacking. 
Well. He had them. I'm pretty sure they were for his snacking, but I always stole my fair share. What are daughters for? Now that I live a bit too far to steal candy from my parents, I had to grab my own. 

Craving satisfied.

Kelli is managing the new Splendid store in the Topanga Canyon Mall. They opened this week and there were free cupcakes! FULL of gluten. I said I was trying. Rome wasn't built overnight, people. Although it might have been if Romans were promised Sprinkles cupcakes if they finished that quickly.  

So. Yum.

Saturday was my parents' wedding anniversary! They've been married 30-something years. I'm a bad daughter and I don't keep track of these things. Aren't they adorable? 

Daddy's goatee is cracking me up. 

Last - but not least - Halloweekend!! 
I do not like Halloween. I don't like to be scared. I can't listen to the end of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' because the video freaked me out when I was young. I used to hide behind a chair whenever Daddy wanted to watch it, and he thought that was just the most hilarious thing. 
Hardy har har.
When I was really little, Mama loved to dress me up. But when I got a bit older she decided Halloween was the "Devil's holiday." That meant that instead of frolicking around the neighborhood gathering free candy, she and I would sit in a dark house (so it appeared we weren't home) and listen to biblical workshops until it was time to go to bed. It was just as much fun as it sounds. 

Therefore, once I was old enough to leave the house and do my own thing on Halloween, I started dressing up and risking being scared for the sake of fantasy. 

This year, Little Baby Lisa made our costumes with her bare hands. She's so talented!! No other slutty biotches were traipsing around in these costumes, no way. One-of-a-kind. 
She's Cleopatra and I'm a Ganja Fairy. 

We went out in Hollywood. We got drunk. I made out with a guy, drove up onto the sidewalk and peed in a bush. There are no (incriminating) pictures of these events so you will just have to take my word for it. 

Man, last week WAS long! Time for the 2x2:

Last week I learned:
1) I can pack a salad for lunch and it can be tasty. I just have to make it at work instead of premixing everything. Mind blown.
2) Not to go to El Torito in Woodland Hills on a Friday night. No me gusta karaoke o mariachi.

This week I'm looking forward to:
1) I have a date this week. I'm actually looking forward to it. There, I said it. Open/Outgoing October.
2) Talking to my Papa. He hasn't been feeling well lately. Please keep him in your prayers.



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