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Last Week's Pictures/ 2x2

Clearly I'm not the best at sticking to strict blogging schedules. With the hope that you will forgive me, I have a lot of great images from last week to share!

On Thursday, Chris hooked us up with tickets to see Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION. Twas badass. The tickets were VIP, so we showed up to the swankest digs. Observe:

First, Imagine Dragons. They played the SHIT out of 'Radioactive'. I was so excited I was shaking. Their set was a percussionist's dream.  

Second, AWOLNATION. Now, all this time I've thought that Imagine Dragons was the better band, judging only by comparing their studio albums. Now that I've seen AWOLNATION live, it's a harder choice. They were incredible live! I was jumping, dancing and head-banging so much I was afraid I'd fall right off the balcony. 
 And, because the lead singer refused to stay in any of the spotlights, another picture:

The opening act, Zeale, was pretty cool. At the end, the rapper polled the crowd for words he would use to create a freestyle rap. I didn't think he'd pull it off, but he did and I was thoroughly impressed. So I tweeted about it. 
 And they liked that.

Vegas flashback: I found this in my purse last week. When I lost my ID I had to go through special super-secret ops to get it back:
"Write down this code. Go to the lobby and pick up the phone."
 "You're at the wrong phone. Go through the entrance casino to the white phone."
"Okay, correct phone. What's the code?"
"I'll be there in ten minutes."
"Great, now sign this piece of paper"
This in my purse reminded me of the ridiculousness. The fact that it also says 'bad bitches' is all the better.

I saw one of my doctors this week and found out I am really low on Vitamin D. So he prescribed some hard core pills and when I got them they looked like something Laurence Fishburne would give me. 

I only share this so that those of you who read this will understand if I start raving about how machines are taking over the world. 

 Saturday was birthday bonanza. I'm on a pretty tight budget right now as I work hard to get out of credit card debt (brutal) so I needed a gift that I could give to everyone instead of buying individual gifts, which would get pricey. What's a gift everyone loves? COOKIES!!
I made peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies because Sarahi's favorite candies are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and she wins the birthday rights due to the fact that I pay rent to her. Turns out they were a hit with everyone. Yay!

Sarahi's party was fantastic, Steven did such a great job planning. They set everything up in their big backyard. The weather was perfect, and so many people came out to celebrate Sarahi turning trente. Steven hired a catering/food truck company and they served really tasty tacos.
Javier-her padre-was the adorable bartender. So I got good and liquored up before heading to the next party. (That's my joke!)

The next party was a two-for-one (luckily). I missed dinner at Hard Rock by a minute but made it in time for birthday bowling at Lucky Strike out in Hollywood. When it was cake time we were all amazed. Check these out:
Jay is a hip hop buff (hence the WuTang motif) and Crystal has a blog where she gives makeup and beauty tips. Cool, right? Almost too cool to eat!

Almost. :) 

Last week...
1) I realized how much I really miss seeing live music. Free concerts are awesome, but the freedom to go to any concert I want once I'm out of debt will be even better. I'm more focused than ever!

2) I was reminded after an unfortunate event at work that I can't get comfortable where I am. I'm learning a lot, I love my job, and it's really great for now. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: I moved out here for a reason. 

This week ...
1) I'm excited to VOTE! I have my absentee ballot all ready to go. But I'm actually trying to be an educated voter and look up info about the candidates before making my mark. 

2) I know we're midway through, but I've switched from OUTGOING OCTOBER to Open-minded October. I'm going to try harder to be more open to situations and people that cross my path. That's similar to the premise of OUTGOING OCTOBER, but with a higher emotional risk. At least for me. 

DEEEEP okay I'm done. 



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