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How To Survive Valentine's Day

Apparently no one has decided to cancel Valentine's Day this year. If it were up to me I would curl up in bed and avoid all social media. But, considering I have an office job as a social media community manager that's a tad difficult.

In an effort to not be bitter and sad about having no date/flowers/chocolate/diamonds on this 'special' day, why not show a bunch of love to yourself? (I'm writing to myself as much as I'm writing to you, loves). 

Break A Sweat
A good work out never hurt anyone, and it's always great to show some love to your muscles. Last night I started my own self love (oh, grow up!) with a sweet late night yoga class taught by Emily at Yoga Shelter in Studio City. Her pace is fast, the music was bumpin and the temperature in the room was upwards of 80. Woo!

Dress Up
Why not put on an outfit that makes you feel confident and festive? I decided on my pink romper with black hearts from H&M (purchased last year) with a special touch: my tiny butterfly necklace from my Daddy. Please disregard the weird fat-chin smile I'm doing. WTH. 

Call Your Main Man
This could really be anyone. Your best guy friend, your kid brother, anyone. For me it's my Daddy. Every year growing up I always received a pint-sized version of whatever gift my mom received on Valentine's Day care of my Daddy. He's just tops. So I gave him a call on my way in to work this morning. Talking about ESPN and whether or not that dead body is really Christopher Dorner really lifted my spirits 
(that's not sarcasm).

Have Something Sweet
It's still #freshfoodfebruary so I'm trying to take in as little chocolate as possible - rough! - so this morning I made my daily breakfast smoothy with all strawberries and rasberries. It's very easy to make. I use half of a banana, a handful of each type of berry, two spoons of vanilla greek yogurt, two tablespoons of rolled oats and enough almond or soy milk to get it to the proper consistency. Sweet and healthy is a win-win! 

Pamper Yourself
There are a million ways to pamper yourself. Buying something special just for you, taking yourself out for lunch, getting a facial, the list could go on and on. I decided on a quick mani that I did in the office while reading articles. I'm the ultimate multi-tasker. 

Recruit Sweet Sounds
Love songs can be killer for single people any day, let alone on Valentine's Day. I put together a playlist that's just lovey-dubey enough with a good does of heartbreak and dance songs to keep things balance and anti-suicidal. If you follow me on Spotify it's my 'Cupid Is Stupid' playlist.

Kick Some Ass
Skip the latest Nicholas Sparks chick flick and head to the gym tonight. Why? 1) It will be pretty empty because everyone will be headed to dinner and to previously mentioned movie. 2) It's good for you! 3) You can let loose some of your...frustration. Tonight I'm headed to my very first CrossFit class at CrossFit Lifestyle. It should be interesting.

Those are my suggestions, peeps, take it or leave it!
Oh, and...happy Valentine's Day or whatever.



  1. Love this, all of this. I'm used to celebrating alone and go with my standard take-out and watching a movie I've been wanting to see. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Dori!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day, Miranda!!! Make it all about you :)


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