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Music News: Inspiring GRAMMYs Moments

If you didn't catch the +The GRAMMYs  I'm sure you're checking all of your trusted music publications for recaps and highlights. So I won't bore you with more of the same. Let me just clue you in to some of the most inspiring moments of the night. 

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: I love Miguel. I've loved him from the beginning, his first album 'All I Want Is You' that no one cared about (including his old record label). Apparently the world is waking up as he won a GRAMMY for best R&B song and Kelly Clarkson professed she wants to work with him. He showed effortless talent performing the 'Adorn' remix with +Wiz Khalifa.

I absolutely loved +Rihanna 's performance featuring +Mikky Ekko. No matter what that girl does in her private life she is an epic performer. And Ekko's voice is something very special. Check out more of him here.

Thank God Justin Timberlake is back. He pulled the band stand black and white theme you may recognize from a +Bruno Mars set at a previous GRAMMYs, and he pulled it off just a touch better. The addition of +Jay-Z didn't hurt. Following 'Suit & Tie' he performed a second single, 'Pusher Love Girl'. Oh, Justin, that falsetto. le sigh...

Speaking of +Bruno Mars: he performed his single 'Locked Out of Heaven' alongside Sting - appropriately - and then kicked off the tribute to +Bob Marley which included +Rihanna, Sting and the Brothers Marley (Damian and Ziggy). How fun was that performance?! Loved it. See it here if you missed it. 

 My absolute favorite performance from this year's +The GRAMMYs  came from Jack White. The genius of this man astounds me. His vision, his ear, his skill...even in the mainstream he has managed to hold on to whatever drives him to create the rock n' roll we used to believe in. The man is incredible. 

+Frank Ocean , +Carrie Underwood also great performances worth mentioning. 

Next year, somehow someway
I'm going to the +The GRAMMYs.



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