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Earsnack Alert - 5 Bands You Should Be Listening To NOW

I'm currently obsessed with a lot of music, but these five bands have really got my goat. 
What does that even mean? I've never owned a goat. So I'm not necessarily sure what the expression means. I've always wanted one of those fainting goats, though. So I'm going with it. 

The 1975

This group of four young gentlemen from Manchester has an album full of the most adorable songs. If you know me at all, you've heard me fawning over them for about six months now. Ever since they dropped a song called 'Chocolate' I was hooked. 
Though their music is alternative in nature, there are clear funky, soulful influences. Their debut album, The 1975 came out this week and ranges beautifully from playful ('Sex,' 'The City') to moody ('Me'). There is just enough late 80s - mid-90s style pop to keep things catchy. And their accents are just so effin cute!
The album is available everywhere music is sold and on +Spotify . Check them out IMMEDIATELY considering I've asked you to several times already. I'm feeling ignored. 

Local Natives

Don't let the name fool you (They're local and native? Is that redundant? Where are they right now?) these kids are great. 
Native to Los Angeles (see what I did there?), their songs are percussive and sweeping with a lot of prominent piano, which I'm a sucker for. Their harmonies are out of control. Their latest album is Hummingbird with songs like 'Heavy Feet' and 'You and I' which are beautiful. But don't forget to check out Gorilla Manor featuring awesome cuts like 'Airplanes'. This band has been around for a little while, so you have a quality selection of tunes to check out. So get to it. 

White Denim

This group is from Austin, TX which is a HUGE win for them. Let's be honest. Great music comes out of Austin. And ends up in Austin. And hovers around Austin. 
All of their songs are eclectic. They are super psychedelic...maybe like if you threw Minus The Bear, The Black Keys and The Doors into a blender and then added a little more jazz and a dash of country and you might have something that sounds a little bit like White Denim. Moral: they have really created their own sound. And it's a sound you've got to hear.
They have a hearty amount of songs out there. It's going to take you awhile, so you should probably get started. They are playing one show in Los Angeles at the end of October with The Flaming Lips and Tame Impalas. Please believe you'll be reading a full write up on that show from me. It will be my first time at +The Greek Theatre, plus it's the release date of White Denim's next album. (Bonus: it's also the one year mark with Jersey Mike. Woah! Right?) So stay tuned.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

This fine duo is from Detroit, MI. Detroit, Stand UP!!!
(Couldn't help myself)
Thumping beats and pretty little harmonies buzz all over their tunes. Their latest EP, Patterns, is short, sweet, and magical. The songs are built in ways that make them impossible not to sing along with. For just a moment you might just feel like life is bearable. It could be the subtle 60s undertones. Perhaps the occasional orchestral clips. Who knows. Either way, give Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. a listen. Even if you're not a Nascar fan. (Hey, don't hate! I love me some Nascar!)

The Babies

It's the end of summer. In fact, now that Labor Day is behind us, most would say summer is over. Here in Southern California we are suffering through the heat wave from hell. So summer's not going down without a fight. 
If you're looking for the perfect late summer soundtrack, look no further than The Babies. Apparently a matchup of one member each from The Vivian Girls and the band Woods, The Babies has that dangerous summer night in the 50s sound. (Yes, that's a sound. I think it's even a genre. Just take my word for it.) Thank you +Spotify Discover for finally recommending something awesome. 

Alright, friends. Here's hoping this Earsnack edition filled you up so you're ready for the weekend. Enjoy and stay cool!!



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