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SoundAlikes: Foster The People & The Black Keys

Good morning, loves! Happy New Music Tuesday to you. 
I have a special treat for you today, something new that I'm trying that I hope you'll enjoy. One of my favoritest things to do is to find lesser known bands that sound similar to more popular artists. Then, taking this information, I suggest the indie and/or breakout bands to my friends, thereby introducing them to awesome new music. Pretty cool, huh?

For example, there's this band +HEAVY ENGLISH. They sound a great deal like +The Black Keys
I know, I know: basically every garage band with the smallest ounce of soul is trying to sound like The Black Keys these days, but hear Heavy English out. I think you'll enjoy the vibe. Start with their most popular single '21 Flights'. 

Another match is +Terraplane Sun, who sound dangerously like +Foster the People

Check out their tune 'Get Me Golden' to see what I mean. Foster The People's Mark Foster and Terraplane Sun's Ben Rothbard have doppleganger voices. Some people love the sound, others hate it. Choose your side and listen accordingly.

 As for new music, I'm currently feeling Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band. Not so much loving the band name, but they have a sound that takes me back to college days (in a good way). What new album are you excited about this week? 



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