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monsters among us

so yesterday is what i would like to call a real bad day.

i woke up, turned on the shower and heard a pumping noise. the noise had been happening for a few weeks, but i thought nothing of it. in this case i'm sort of a 'girl'. when i hear a tinkering sound under the hood of my car, i ignore it until the car no longer performs its duties. when it comes to my personal life and belongings, if i don't know how to fix something i let it go until it prevents me from doing what i need to do.

the pumping sound stops, as it always did. so then i flushed the toilet. all hell broke loose. the toilet started fill up and leak. my first thought was to begin using the plunger. it worked initially, but then the shower started to back up. so, being the keen thinker i am, i flushed the toilet again (plumbing is not my calling). the toilet water rose even higher and it began to leak from the back pipes more and more. i used the plunger again and this time, from the bowels of hell came the biggest cockroach i have EVER seen. it was at least three inches long. and equipped for battle. he could swim (obviously, because he'd just come up from the underground pipes) and he could fly. that bastard had wings.

severely grossed out i tried beating him to death with the plunger, splashing water everywhere. meanwhile the shower continued to run and fill up. it was getting late and i knew i had to get to work, so i capped the roach under the plunger and closed the toilet lid, jumped in the shower quickly (i know, eww) and got dressed. now, my closet is past the toilet and there is no way out the other side of it. after i was dressed i turned around and the monster had escaped!! he was sitting on the side of the toilet laughing at me!

i screamed bloody murder. my-puppy-sonic came to my rescue and i screamed at him to get away. poor guy. i jumped past the toilet, grabbed the roach and ant spray i keep in my room (it rained early last week and when it rains those ants are relentless. luckily it "never" rains in southern california) and unloaded about half the can on the sucker.

i apologized to sonic and let him outside. i finished getting ready for work and just as i was about to leave i peeked to see if the monster was dead. he was curled up beside the toilet. and that's how i left him.

called my landlord - a.k.a. my friend steven - only to find that he was headed to chicago. great. luckily there has been a gentleman working on the bathrooms inside their house for the past few weeks. he was onsite to check on my situation (and i suspect was part of the cause of my situation).

then i got to work only to find out a job i wanted to apply for had been filled. i have spent the last week and a half working on my resume, which apparently i'm very bad at. being as it was a job i wanted badly i was broken up about it. i shut myself in a conference room, had a little cry, contemplated moving back home or to texas or anywhere else but LA.

once collected, i returned to the mountains of work to do only to find a new meeting on my calendar. with my supervisor. we had just had a one-on-one tuesday, so i asked her if it was a mistake. she said no, and that she needed to talk to me. i could tell it wouldn't be good news.

early last week i started work at 5:30 a.m. because one of my clients was angry with me because there was a three hour time difference between us. unable to change time, i woke up early (for no reason) trying to make her happy. apparently that wasn't good enough because she had a list of complaints for my supervisor. we went through all of them, i disputed most of them, but just the fact that she had those things to say about me when i had been working so hard was extremely hurtful. i cried. again. with my supervisor on the phone (great). i spent the rest of the day creating excel sheets and trackers to try and make myself more efficient. the problem is, now i'm behind on what i was supposed to be doing the rest of friday and i'm not sure how i'm going to keep up all the sheets i created.

the good news? the day was drawing to an end. due to this feedback my supervisor talked senior leadership into allowing us to hire more help in our office FINALLY. it seems they know i'm a good worker and this feedback is truly a result of the fact that i don't have enough time to keep up with all of the work i's literally impossible. and after a year and half of hell they are taking notice. i'm looking in to hiring a resume writer to help me get my resumes under control. when i got home the plumbing issue was fixed and my bathroom floor was completely clean and sans roach. due to my friend's 'ailments' i was able to celebrate 4/20, resulting in the best sleep i've had in weeks.


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