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Last Week in Pix/ 2x2

Happy Sunday!

This week was relatively quiet until Thursday rolled around. On Thursday my world sort of exploded. I entered a Twitter contest with DigitalLA for tickets to the advanced screening of the final Twilight movie. Immediately after entering, I got a text from Mike inviting me to a party thrown by the project he had been working on all week. I accepted, thinking there was no way I would win the Twitter contest. 

Joke's on me. I won the contest and needed to be downtown for the movie at 5:30pm. The party was at 9pm. I rolled out of bed that morning, so I looked like luke warm crud. Trust me, it was bad. My plan had been to go home, nap, shower then head out to Hollywood for the party. But with this movie there wouldn't be time for that. 

I started my trek downtown from the valley at 4:20. An hour and ten minutes would be enough time, right? 

WRONG. Meet LA traffic. I did not make it by 5:30. I was thoroughly upset, called Chris (who had also won entry) crying because I was trapped on the 405 with nowhere to go.

He called me back and let me know that they would let me in if I was already downtown. So I kept pushing through traffic, finally getting downtown a little after six. 

Then I didn't know where to go from there, may or may not have snuck in to the Nokia Theater and dropped in on people preparing for the American Music Awards (oops?) before I realized that - duh - the movie would be shown at the Regal Cinemas. 

I called Chris crying AGAIN (poor Chris) because I had no clue where the theater was. Finally I found it, ran in, grabbed my ticket, free popcorn and drink and prepared for an epic screening!

If you're a Twilight fan and you haven't checked this movie out you are SLACKING! It was amazing. The best fight scene yet, by far. And, yes, I'm still #TeamJacob.

Next I rushed to Target in West Hollywood, bought an entirely new outfit (running me $120.00. Ugh, Target!). I changed, unbraided my hair and was an hour late to the party. I felt horrible about it. But seriously, it was a party for LookBook. I could not show up in the jeans and hoodie I'd been wearing all day. I should have taken more pictures at the party. There were so many fashionable people there!  Mike introduced me to the people he'd been working with all week, and I felt classy and important. Ooh lala.

Saturday night I went out with Chris and Little Baby Lisa to West Hollywood. Pretty boys dancing in very little clothing are my fave!

I should feel bad about that...that's someone's son. I'll work on that.

This week I learned:

1) I am really happy at this point in my life. I realize it's a house of cards in some respects and it could all fall apart at a moment's notice. But right now, at this time, I'm really satisfied and fulfilled and I'm trying my best to enjoy it. 
2) I can do it! I just paid off my first credit card, a huge first step! I've learned that I really can clear up this whole debt thing, one step at a time. Yes it sucks sometimes. Yes there are sacrifices. Yes I still spend too much on gas and going out, but I can DO IT. I remember when I thought it would be completely impossible and now there is real progress.

Next week I'm looking forward to:
1) Friendsgiving with Chris, Lisa and Kelli! None of us are leaving LA for Thanksgiving so we are going to grub it up friend style. 
2) The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the parade. Hi. I'm Doriean. I'm 27 years old and I still wake up early to watch the parade in my PJs.
3) Bonus - Taking more pictures. The whole purpose of this weekly post is to get myself to chronicle my life better. I promise more pictures next week! 



  1. Just thought I should share (since I'm bad about commenting) that I love reading your blog and hearing all about your life in LA. :)

    Every time I read it, I think "man, I need to blog more too..." I've turned into a writer who doesn't write. (For myself anyway...)

    1. thank you!! it's amazing how much energy it takes to keep a blog going, right? i keep thinking of different types of posts i want to add and i immediately get tired. :) thanks so much for reading, and I fully support you blogging more because i love reading yours, too!


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