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The Week in Pics & 2x2 ~or~ VEEEGASSSSSSS!

Because last week was a little crazy-sauce, I'm combining my week in pictures with my 2x2. (Which may end up being a good plan anyway.)

First: The week in pics.

I saw this car parked near me at the mall and FA-REAKED out. Who are you, friend??? Did you take classes from Professor Hinkle? What dorm did you stay in? Have you joined the LA Alumni Chapter? CAN WE HANG OUT!?

Work is a ton more fun with a furry buddy. Artie knows just about anything you want to know about Aston Martins and Lamborghinis, but he ain't tellin! 

My second photo shoot ever, and this is the scenery. It's a lot easier to pass up donuts if I have something this yummy to...ehem...critique.

After calling people posted at The Getty nerds for waiting for the shuttle to pass by, I went ape-shit when I saw it buzz right in front of us while we were in the car on the way to Vegas. Guess I'll never grow out of being a dork.

What's that you ask? Why aren't there any pictures of Vegas in my list? Shucks, I guess I could show you a couple!!

This, right here, was the absolute hardest part about being in Vegas all weekend. Look at that face!!! I'm so sorry, Sonic!! But mommie has to go get real drunk and you don't want to be there for that. 

Road Trip! This shot was taken prior to the shuttle sighting. Also at this point Chris is not yet annoyed with my frequent "VEEEEEGAAAAASSSSS" chants. Or at least he's doing a good job of hiding it.

Friday night: Lisa's 21st Birthday Party!!! Could you imagine having your 21st in Vegas? Are you kidding? This kid partied like a rock star. And that's all I have to say about that.

My Bestie came to celebrate my Disengagement Party all the way from Oklahoma City!!! (her husband came, too). Isn't she lovely?! I miss her so very very much. Also, who can guess how many drinks I've had at this point? (Yikes.)

Our waiter at dinner was just plain sexy. With a baratone voice that made me wish he would sing the menu to me. ::sigh:: So I had to flirt with him just a little and only when I knew I would be completely out of sight. 

I FINALLY saw the fountains!! My favorite show on the stip. Hands down. And actually the only 'touristy' thing I got to do this trip.

Disengagement Party Dress!!! Cut outs erewhurr!  All those salads paid off, I love the way this dress fits me. 

We went to Tryst, hoping we were on a list. Of course we weren't (luckily that's the only $20 I wasted while in Vegas) but we decided to pay the entry anyway. I'm SO glad we did, this is the absolute best club I've ever been to. Yes, that IS Jermaine Dupri DJing. Yes, I did get caught in a dance floor champagne shower. Yes we did get invited to hang out at a table full of young doctors. 

Yes they did invite us to their PENTHOUSE HOTEL ROOM. This picture is bad, but it was the only way I could kinda sorta get their view from the living room. 

Technically this should go on next week's post because we were well in to Sunday at this point. But this is the view of the sun rising over the strip. Lord, please see fit to let me marry a doctor. I'll even let him have a bachelor party like these guys did. As long as he can fund a similarly-planned bachelorette party.

I didn't cry at all this weekend like I thought I would. Well, I shed a tear when I had to say goodbye to Jenna. I'm really glad I didn't get married this weekend as originally planned. Celebrating my freedom was a lot more fun. 
Almost forgot the 2x2!
This week I learned that I can handle a lot more than I thought I could.
This week I'm really glad I learned how to handle my liquor in Oklahoma and not in Vegas.

Next (this) week I'm able to look forward in a positive light being as I did NOT blow all my money in Vegas. Making friends with people who can afford tables is the best policy.
Next (this) week I'm looking forward to sitting down and mapping out exactly how I'm going to work my way out of debt in 1.5 years or less.



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