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Sunday 2x2

Sundays are a day to reflect. I like to look back at last week to review what I learned and really let things soak in. I then enjoy looking forward to the week ahead and getting really excited or amping myself up to conquer the world.

Because I work Sundays at the dealership I have a full five hours of sitting around doing nothing. This makes reflection easy. And drawn out.

Last week I took part in a photo shoot at work. It's the first I've ever had a hand in. It was tons o fun and I learned a lot. The best thing I learned? The right camera makes normal people look like super models. These girls were pretty, don't get me wrong. But nothing to write home about. Each of them had a defining feature that was attention grabbing. Otherwise...the makeup, the hair and-most importantly- the camera played them WAY up. So what did I learn? Wear more makeup, stop running from cameras.

Second, and this one is easy, work is much more fun when a dog is present. Take the little furry friend I have with me today. Adorbz!

So two to look forward to: these kind of go together. 1) I'm excited to get my dress in that I will wear in Vegas. And 2) VEGAS!!! I can't wait to get there, see my bestie and get crazy with my pals. Hopefully I'm not a sobbing mess on Saturday....
Bring on the week!


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