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This Week in Photos

Are there classes on how to perfect the art of iPhone photography? (iPhotography classes? Yeah, I said it.) Do I really have to go out and buy a digital camera to make it seem like i have any idea what I'm doing when I take pictures? There is simply not enough room in my purse for that option. Somehow I must learn how to take better pictures if I'm going to continue to subject my readers to my life in images.

For today, you're stuck with these:

We're friends, so you probably know this already. Jermaine Dupri retweeted me this week. I then proceeded to tell ANYONE who knew what 'retweet' meant. (I am the social media expert in my office, so that was a hard ear to find.)

I got to attend sessions at Social Media Week Los Angeles #SMWLA for work. Two out of three sessions I went to were pretty informative. Unfortunately the one session that wasn't my director just so happened to come with, so now I have to explain to everyone how beneficial my time out of the office was. If you keep reading, friend, you'll learn just how beneficial my time was! 
For example, by answering a trivia question after the #DigitalLA session on Tuesday, I won free entry to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum! It's one of those things I've always kinda wanted to do but never enough to shell out cash for a ticket. So, see? #SMWLA totally beneficial. (Disclaimer: I really did learn a few things in the sessions. But I really do have a free ticket, pictured below. #CYA)

Nokia, who hosts Social Media Weeks worldwide, put on a FREE concert for attendees! Unfortunately I learned free concerts aren't free. I got a parking ticket - which I'm contesting! - and paid waaaaaaay too much to park downtown. Free concert = $93 pending decision on ticket. Plus I bought a drink = $101. Yay, free concerts. 
But it was totally worth at least half of that! I saw Big Boi - Yes THAT Big Boi. OutKast Big Boi!!! Half of Aquemini Big Boi!!!

And then the one, the only, Janelle Monae!! The way she seized all of us in the audience and controlled us with her every move and sound was incredible. She demanded participation not by yelling or begging, but by being a stage presence goddess. And she's just as gorgeous in real life as on television. Good call, Cover Girl. She covered Jimmi Hendrix, Prince - of course - and The Jackson 5. She played a brand new song. Normally there's a lull in the crowd when this happens because, well, no one knows the words. This was the first time I was completely engaged in the 'song I've been working on' enough to seriously try downloading it after the show. She taught us a few words - again, keeping us dialed in - and we were all dancing by the end of the first chorus. I love her. 

Between sessions on Thursday I grabbed a quick bite down in Hollywood. When I walked in this place wasn't busy at all, so I was a bit skeptical. But then I noticed the swashbucklingest of swashbucklers and knew I was in the right place. 

Last but not least, during Social Media Week I got to grab a cupcake from Crumbs not once...

But twice! #Fatkid

Today I tried a new hairstyle, one of those super high buns. Success! However, it was so tight that by the end of the work day I had a headache. When I took it down at home it was the sweetest relief I've felt in awhile. Definitely not an eight hour style. More of a fancy night out do. Lesson learned. But ain't I purdy??

Okay, that's this week in pictures! 2x2 comin your way on Sunday. I have to work over the hill even though it's Carmageddon 2, so I'm sure there will be a lesson in that you'll want to hear about. 



  1. Funny - half the reason I wanted an iPhone was so I could blog more creative photos. :) I think the photos you post are great!


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