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Suggested Tunes for Times Like These

"Times like these" meaning those drought periods when no artist of interest to you releases new music. 

I tried to listen to Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' and could not handle it. I thought I was old when Chris Brown's latest album dropped. Now I know I am. The poppy nothingness just doesn't sustain me. Yes it's catchy, it's repetitive, the beats are simple enough that any skinny white chick could figure out how to shake her ass to them. But when the album ended I felt like I was robbed. (Luckily I streamed it for free).

When these droughts occur, I like to go back to my CDs. 

CD= Compact Disc. 
Definition: those round, silvery things in the floor board of your car that are horribly scratched and probably unplayable. 

These are the ones I pulled out that I suggest you listen to if you haven't in awhile. If you've never listened to one or any of these GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Just kidding. Check them out for sure, though. 

Dashboard Confessional 'Swiss Army Romance'

Like most Dashboard Confessional albums, this collection is raw. The acoustic application allows the lyrics to sustain their purity. The excitement, confusion and angst of young love are vividly portrayed and I just eat it up till I cry! Not really (maybe a little). Favorite song is easy: 'Screaming Infidelities'. 

For a bonus: find 'Remember to Breathe' by Dashboard Confessional. It's my ultimate fave.

Natalie Cole 'Unforgettable: With Love'

Well, THAT was a hard left! From emo/alternative/punk to classic/showtunish/lounge? Yeah, that happened. 

This is a long album in which Natalie Cole pays hommage to her father, the great Nat King Cole. I listened to this album so much when I was little. Listening to it now makes me feel safe, warm, happy and like life is just peachy! Every song is my favorite. You just have to fix yourself a smooth drink and let this one play. Trust me. Current drink of choice? Hot chocolate with hazelnut Bailey's. It really is as good as it sounds. 

Counting Crows 'August and Everything After'

It's been rainy and cold lately in Los Angeles (hahaha, "cold"). I've had to wear sweaters and sit in traffic because rain is to LA drivers what snow and ice are to Oklahoma drivers. 

Traffic is the perfect opportunity to listen to the full 'August and Everything After' album. It's so dreary. Filled with longing and regret. Adam Duritz has a voice like no other, and some of the lyrics mean different things to me now than they did in college. Fave tracks: 'Anna Begins', 'Perfect Blue Buildings', 'Raining in Baltimore', 'Round Here'. 

Bonus: 'Colorblind', arguably their most famous tune due to the film 'Cruel Intentions'. It's still my favorite, despite Reese Witherspoon. 

If you're like me and just can't handle the new releases and you're not quite ready to pump up the yule tide carols, try one of the above or pull out some of your own classics. 



  1. I feel like I've been going through a musical drought, except this time I can't even be bothered to loop back to my standards. Just been a LOT of talk radio and podcast listening lately...


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