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Last Week of 2012 in Pix/2012x2013 2x2

Twenty-twelve is over!!
It's 2013!

I'm going to type less to make room for more pictures, cuz there's a week and a half's worth. 

On Christmas Eve Chris, Little Baby Lisa and I volunteered for the Mary Magdalene Project. We wrapped gifts in the mall for money. 

Well, we walked around the mall handing out depressing flyers and spying on organizations with better booths. But then we wrapped a few things.

I'm cutting out Christmas pictures because I'm sure you guys don't care about the awesome loot I got and the gluten free pancakes and pot cookies I made. 

If you do, request photographs/recipes in the comment section. Thanks and goodnight. 

For New Years Eve Chris and I went to San Francisco!!
We took a Megabus, which cost us a total of $4 plus tax for a round trip. For BOTH OF US.  

Eight hours and two annoying children parents later,we dropped our junk at my friends' hotel room and explored Union Square.

So pretty! I loved the trollies. 
 We then proceeded to stay out all night, I had approximately 85 white russians, and woke up with an insane hangover the next day.
Blame it on the Goose.

But no hangover was going to keep me from seeing San Fran, and Chris was an awesome tour guide. 

 First we had breakfast at this little diner called Moz that just happened to be on Stevenson Street. I basically had a bite of toast, two bites of egg and water for breakfast. Hangovers. Suck. 

Then Chris learned me how the buses be workin.

 We went to Pier 39 and I took my first panoramic picture with my iPhone:

After that we saw probably my favorite place in all of San Francisco: Ghirardelli Square! 

It smelled like chocolate. My only regret was that the cafe was closed, so I couldn't get any hot cocoa.

 Then we saw the crookedest street, Lombard Street. The trek up the hill was so intense. I was a sweaty mess. 

Next we took forever to find an open sports bar playing the Liberty Bowl, which TU WON!! WOOOO!

Then I realized I could eat my own hand - mostly because my hangover had prevented breakfast - so we stopped at this amazing gourmet burger joint called Roam.

Mmmm, turkey burger and Frifecta (beef burger for Chris).

Then I found the house I'm going to live in when I get rich and move to San Fran.
It's purple! And adorable! And there's a matching car!!

We took another bus trip and made it to the Golden Gate Bridge. The sun was setting and when it got dark and the lights all came on it was so gorgeous.

Then we went back to the hotel, I took a nap. My friends went to watch fireworks from a yacht and Chris and I commenced pregaming and gussying. We went to Mission which was a good idea in theory. But after finding no hot boys, settling on a bar that then told us - at five till midnight - that they weren't letting anyone in, we high-tailed it with friends we'd made in line to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican bar nearby, grabbed drinks and toasted to 2013!! 

This 2x2 is not just for last week and next, but for last year and next. Heavy!!

Last Year I Learned:
1) I can limit what I put up with. Whether it's flack from a job, coworker, friend or situation I don't have to just sit and take it. I can take action to improve my situation.
2) I want to work for myself or with a small group of like-minded people someday. Someday sooner than later.

This Year I'm Looking Forward To:
1) Getting out of debt!! It's happening, people, it really is!
2) In 2012 I did a much better job of listening to my body. In 2013 I'm going to work on listening to my heart more. We'll see how that goes.

Happy New Year!!



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