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Last Week in Photos- Celebs, Models and a Lil Super Star

My dear readers (all two of you) it has been a crazy 2013 so far.

I've been working like a mad woman. Then I was on my deathbed for several days. That's an exaggeration, but on Wednesday if you had told me I might day I would have welcomed the relief.

Luckily, now I feel like a human again and I have SO MUCH to show you!

Last weekend for work I went to the Golden Globes gifting suite where I shook hands with over 80 celebs and members of the media. (Now you understand how I got sick. Celebrities spread disease.)

For some reason people like taking pictures with me. I PROMISE I didn't want to be in these pictures because we actually have to use them for work. But. I'm in them. Prepare yourself for shameless name dropping. And know that I'm actually sparing you a few. 

 This is my new boyfriend Michael Steger from '90210'. I was very much in love with his hat...until I saw his eyes. 

 This young man needs no introduction, RJ Mitte from 'Breaking Bad'. He is just about the sweetest guy I have ever talked to.

Mr. Anthony Anderson embarrassed the HELL out of me in front of everyone in the suite. He put on a show, and I was the subject. I should have seen it coming, what with the antics most of his characters play. But nothing could have prepared me for him. 

Rex Linn from 'Django Unchained'! Rex was just too nice. He was cracking me up and took a ton of great pictures with the product, including this one. 

Sammi Rotibi from 'Django Unchained.' Um. Look at him. 

From there we took one day off (well, sort of. I worked at Lamborghini but it was a day off from my main job.) And back to it Monday was a video shoot. I LOVE doing shoots. It's so glamorous and such hard work. Plus it gets us out of the office. 

 This chick, Mariah, is so gorgeous. And they did her hair like a modern day Marilyn Monroe, it was perfection!

Her hair = big time Nashville country star. Haha. 

 And she just had the most beautiful, healthy looking hair. Her curls turned out great. I really can't wait to see these videos!

Last but certainly not least the biggest star of all of these pictures, Adan!! Friday was his birthday and he was so excited about the carro his Tia (me) gave to him. Man I love when this kid smiles at me!

Last week I learned:
1) Celebrities love me! Somehow I make people really comfortable
2) Hand sanitizer is extremely important. Otherwise you'll become deathly ill after shaking so many hands.

This week I'm looking forward to:
1) My birthday
2) My party!!! 



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