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there will be blood - christmas edition

twas the day before christmas
and - there's not a chance i'm going to keep that going. but it was christmas eve. and so my story begins...

i woke up to a dirty kitchen. a kitchen that should have been cleaned by My Man (the fiance previously known as The Man but who has vetoed being called that forthwith and therefore is now named My Man) but was not. because he had already left for work i started to clean. i had baking to do! cookies for Santa could not be baked in a dirty kitchen.

i picked up a glass and started to scrub. unfortunately, said glass had broken in the dish water.

blood. everywhere.

i ran around the apartment trying to remember where i'd put the first aid kit. being the intelligent unpacker i am, when deciding where to store the kit i'd thought "i don't use this very much, so no need to make it easily accessible."


it was on the tippie top shelf in the kitchen. i wrapped my poor bleeding finger in a paper towel- which was NOT sanitary - grabbed a chair, climbed up to grab the first aid kit so that i could bandage up my wound. so began my christmas eve.

feeling lightheaded at this point, i still managed to finish the kitchen, do four loads of laundry, bathe the dog, and bake cookies all before My Man got off work. at which point he told me i looked woozy and that i should sit down immediately.

christmas eve ended much better than it began. My Man and i trekked to The Valley to spend christmas eve with my coworker and her family. it was marvelous!! there were almost thirty people in their lovely new house. we ate lots of yummy food, sang songs (in Spanish, mind you) and had lots of laughs. my little doggie sonic even made two new schnauzer buddies. he loves new friends.

when we got back to our apartment i wrote a note for Santa with my little doggie Sonic in mind.
and in the morning, there was bacon where the cookies once were!! lucky dog.

ahh, christmas. My Man, my little doggie Sonic and i woke up in our new king-sized christmas present. it's heaven. it's roomy. it's not lumpy. the sheets are so soft, the pillows so's all but impossible to get out of that bed.

once i did manage to get up, i got started! because we all know the true meaning of christmas is FOOD! okay, not really. but it's up there on the list of important parts of christmas.

i made muffins and turkey bacon (thanks, Santa!) for breakfast.

don't get excited, it was a box mix. did i mention i almost killed myself christmas eve? give me a break!

next i made corn bread and checked on the 7-up salad i'd made and left to set the night before. 7-up salad is basically lime jello with a whole bunch of yummy goodness mixed in it.
if i had better skills (or larger dishes) there would not be overflow in the plate. i'm on my way to gourmet, but i'm not quite there yet, people.

i also made a cheeseball for us to snack on. it's a yummy one with cream cheese, pineapples, peppers, num num num. i've had this every year of my life and i'm not at all sick of it.

with the town house crackers this one is always a winner.

while My Man inhaled the cheeseball i made Mama's macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole.

and now for the main event. My Man was in charge of the MEAT for the meal. because that's MANLY (i don't eat a lot of meat and the best way to get out of more work for me was to make him feel like MEAT was MANLY). he made ham. and it was breathtaking.
it is juicy and sweet and flavorful and we will be eating it until forever because he hasn't frozen any of it! i couldn't help myself: i ate way too much of it. and i haven't had pork in a very long time. my tummy wasn't ready. but i told my tummy, "get over it!" and i ate more yummy pig.

he's in charge of MEAT from now on. it's that good.

i didn't take pictures of our presents because the one i'm most excited about is our bed. i thought that might be a little risque of a pic. so to be fair to the other gifts, no pictures. My Man bought me a pretty purple hookah. it's lovely and we've already broken it in. i bought him a dohickey to make his xbox wireless. unfortunately i didn't take into consideration that we only have one TV. so we are learning about time limits and compromise.

my little doggie sonic made out like a bandit. he got so many toys and treats!! what a cutie pie. speaking of, i'll leave you with some cute pictures of him at the dog beach in malibu.

it was gorgeous, but nothing like being wrapped up in family love at home. it was our first christmas away from home, and we definitely felt homesick. hopefully we will see the good ole O-K-L-A in a few months.



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