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Last Wk in Pix / 2x2

Enter December!! Can you believe 2012 is almost over? Are you planning to make the most out of what the Mayans thought would be the last days of life as we know it?

Because we were coming back from a holiday, I thought for sure last week would drag. Luckily - luckily may not be the word - things were extremely busy at work. We are going through a lot of changes, I've gained more responsibility and the days flew by. So hopefully I can breeze through this post just as easily. 

Monday I went to yoga and it was an incredible class. Mentally and physically an amazing workout. I got home, supremely relaxed, sat down to do my nails because I had an important meeting Tuesday that I wanted to look really nice for. For some reason I got all tensed up while doing my nails and thinking about said meeting that all of the sudden there was a twitch followed by excruciating pain in my wrist. 
I couldn't rotate it or bend it. My pinky finger, ring finger and thumb were tingling. This was not good. So Tuesday I went to work with my wrist wrapped up, which would help according to WebMD. So much for looking capable during my big meeting. 

Like I said, work week flew and finally it was Friday. I had a date planned for Friday that was a surprise. So I spent the entire week trying to figure out what one wears for a surprise date. Boys. They don't get it. I chose a Little Baby Lisa approved outfit...
and headed out. So far I had one hint: live music. Sold! That's only my absolute favorite activity. After eating. Possibly after sleeping, but that's a hard choice. 

On the way there I got a few more hints and was so excited that 
a) It was a show I was DYING to see
b) He actually listened to me during one of our earlier dates and remembered I wanted to see this show
c) He was able to secure tickets before the show sold out.
I was ecgratepressless: Ecstatic, grateful, impressed, and speechless all at once.

First up: Jhene Aiko
Part of a select few currently reviving the sound of true R&B, Jhene Aiko is tops in my book. I really enjoy her smooth vibe, her voice is gentle and I love how her lyrics juxtapose that at times. I feel like this venue, The Wiltern, wasn't intimate enough for her. Super kudos for being asked to join a tour with Nas and Lauryn Hill, but I hope to see her again in a smaller setting. 

Next: Nasty Nas
SO HARD! Ahh!!! True hip-hop praise Jesus! I love how he was heavy on his older stuff. Obviously there is so much to go through with close to two decades in the game. His new album is so amazing, and I was happy that he played two of my fave tracks ('Cherry Wine'and 'Bye Baby').

Then when I thought it couldn't get any better, Anthony Hamilton came out for my other favorite track on the album ('World is an Addiction') 
That person's hand blocking most of Anthony Hamilton kinda looks like Jar Jar Binks' hand. Am I wrong? 

And then the time had come for the one, the only the undisputed queen, the lovely, the introspective, the genius, afflicted, effortlessly talented: Ms. Lauryn Hill!!!!
It took literally forever for her to come out. They stalled like crazy. When she did come out she was a super diva (earned). It was clear she rehearsed very little with her band/singers. Without warning, she would just change things whenever the mood struck her. The sheer terror in her backup singers' eyes made it clear they had no clue what was going through her head at any given time. 

 She commanded the stage. She commanded the audience. She was yelling and waving frantically at her sound and lights people as well as her musicians...she's insane!! AND SO INCREDIBLE. That voice. Her unmatched flow. I teared up during 'Ex-Factor', was beyond happy she sang 'Turn Your Lights Down Low' went crazy when she covered some Fugees hits. LORD it was amazing!

Then, at 1 a.m., with a rumbling tummy and aching feet, we went to dinner. And that's the end of the date as far as this blog post's business is concerned. 

Best. Date. Ever. I may have said that about the museum date, but he's one up'd himself. 

Yesterday TU won (woo!) and I put up my Christmas decorations!
My place is so small, so I don't have room (or outlets) for an actual tree. But I still put out all of my trinkets to remind me it's Christmas time, even though it won't snow here and there are days I don't even have to wear a jacket. God bless L.A. 

Last week I learned:
1) Surprises are so much fun!
2) People at my job have a lot of faith in me

This week I'm looking forward to:
1) Week one of Decisive December!
2) Making gluten free salted caramel brownies. 

Despite the fact that it's not beginning to look anything like Christmas here, stay tuned for Tuesday* when I plan to review some Christmas albums. Yay! 

*Pending free time considering this is going to be a crazy work week.

I hope you had as amazing of a weekend as I did!! 



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