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Yule Tune Review Pt 3 - Compilations and Classics

Well, it's almost Christmas (pending the world doesn't come to a screeching halt at some point today) and I have one more Yule Tune post for you. This is a three-fer. Woo! (Again, cramming it all in before the Mayans prove us all wrong. You know. Just in case.)

The Hotel Cafe Presents: Winter Songs - Various Artists (The Compilation)

All of my favorite new holiday songs this year have come from this album. Save the Hanson version of 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' which isn't new, I just never listened to it really before and...feel free to judge me but I really like it. 
Anyway, back to 'Winter Songs': There are your share of Christmas classics, but there is also a great selection of originals to choose from. Plus, all of your favorite adult contemporary artists (Sara Bareilles, Meiko, Fiona Apple and more) are here for the holiday party!
Fave Tracks: 
'Winter Song'- Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson  : Title track! This song is purdy and sets the album off right with a clear feeling of longing that carries into every track.

'Maybe Next Year (The X-Mas Song)' - Meiko  : Did anyone else's parents go bizerk over 'X-mas' and how it was "cutting Christ out of Christmas"? Ever since I was little I dread writing 'X-mas' for fear I will be stricken down by God or Zeus or some cosmic accident all because my mother was so adamant about this. 
Anyway, irrelevant. I love Meiko and I love this song. It's apologetic without being remorseful. It's jazzy and smoky. It's a good little ditty for those expecting coal. 

'Silent Night' - Priscilla Ahn: I am particular about 'Silent Night'. It can become an extremely annoying song and has the capacity to drag on for much longer than necessary if done wrong. This happens more than I'd like to mention. But this haunting version of 'Silent Night' is a strong contender against my long-time favorite version from Boys II Men.

The Ultimate Motown Christmas Album - Various Artists (The Classic Compilation)

The gang is all here, peeps!! Smokey, Mikey, Diana, all your favorite Motown Christmas classics on one groovin album. I love so many of these songs so much that it's hard to choose favorites, but that's sort of a requirement, isn't it? 
Fave Tracks:
'Let it Snow'  - BoysIIMen and Brian McKnight: The BoysIIMen Christmas album ('Christmas Interpretations') continues to be one of my favorite Christmas albums. I mentioned their version of 'Silent Night' above and suggest you check that out as well. 

'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' - Jackson 5: Aww, little Mikey!! This song has never been carried by a better group. I challenge you. Find one! The ending where Michael pleads with his brothers trying to tell them what he saw...perfection.

'Give Love on Christmas Day' - Johnny Gill: Daddy used to play this song a lot, so this song just reminds me of Christmas when I was little. It brings back the innocent spirit of Christmas for me. 

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole (The Classic)

And I do mean THE Classic. This album is a must every year. My ultimate, all-time, forever favorite song is on this album. It has been covered from here to Timbuktu, but no one will ever, ever, EVER do it better than the King (Cole). 
Fave Track: 'The Christmas Song'. There's honestly nothing I have to say about this song, it speaks for itself. And, though there are other great songs on the album, I'm only listing this one. It is my very favorite holiday song above all others. 

So, there you have it! The final Yule Tune post! Don't be sad. Christmas is almost here, the new year cometh, and there will be many gifts of new music in 2013.  

Happy Holidays!

Oh wait! Bonus! +Jhene Aiko released a new song today for the holidays. It's super sexy R&B and I lurve it. It's called 'Wrap Me Up' and you can check it on +SoundCloud here:



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