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My First Rave - Swedish House Mafia Show Review

It was a dark and stormy night...
in southern California. What the hell? 

The luck of Little Baby Lisa struck again when she acquired free tickets to last night's +Swedish House Mafia show.  

Do I like Swedish House Mafia? Can't say that I do. Do I love going to concerts? Damn straight. Would I turn down free tickets to a show? You must be out of your mind. 

So we showed up to this wasteland of a "park" called the Los Angeles Historic State Park east of downtown LA. There were no jungle gyms. With the rain it was more of a gigantic field of mud.

When we arrived an opener, +Otto Knows was on deck the stage and light show were pretty cool and it was fun to dance in a field full of other people who want to dance. Next up was Alesso and, my friends, it was really just more of the same. At least by this point the torrential* downpour had stopped. 

*In Los Angeles a "torrential downpour" translates to light, scattered showers. But still, I was told it never rains here. Thanks for the lies, TonyToniTon√©. 

Also at this time I realized that everyone was rolling on something. I saw a vast array of drug use by kids who looked like they were still in high school. Ah, to be young and free in LA! There were dudes in trances or dancing like maniacs, girls wearing little more than their underwear in super-cold rain, kids huddled watching glow sticks spin in was a bit ridiculous. 

Finally - after taking ten minutes to shoot the 'biggest yearbook picture ever" it was time for SHM. I'm really used to - and I prefer - shows that require actual musicianship. But this was pretty damn cool. The lights were insane, I couldn't stop dancing, there were lasers and FIREWORKS (shout out to Pyro Pete)!

(photo credit to Swedish House Mafia Facebook Page)

It was a quality Friday night. I got my fill of dancing for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll attend another rave...unless the tickets are free. :) Now to go hose down my +Steve Madden boots. 



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