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New Tune Review - JT's 'The 20/20 Experience'

People of the world, contain yourselves! It has finally happened! +Justin Timberlake 's new album! 

Officially it goes on sale next Tuesday, but you can stream the album (for free!) on iTunes now

Let's step back several tormenting weeks prior to today when we received a sincere letter from Mr. Timberlake:

An Open Letter to you (the fans):
I hope this gets to you the right way. It’s the only way I know to do it. Some people may criticize me for the last 3 days. But it was fun, right?? Right?!?! Besides, I’d rather speak directly to all of you. And, who can knock me for having a little bit of fun with it?
Well… No more teasing. Although, it was A LOT of fun. (Did I mention that I’m having fun with this?? Ha!)
*Makes a serious face*
So, here goes:
This year is an exciting one for me. As you probably have heard through the “grapevine,” I’m gearing up for a big 2013.
Back in June of last year, I quietly started working on what is now, my next journey with that thing I love called MUSIC.
The inspiration for this really came out of the blue and to be honest, I didn’t expect anything out of it. I just went into the studio and started playing around with some sounds and songs. It was probably the best time I’ve had in my career… Just creating with no rules and/or end goal in mind and really enjoying the process.
What I came up with is something I couldn’t be more excited about! It is full of inspiration that I grew up listening to and some newfound muses that I’ve discovered along the way.
I’m calling it “The 20/20 Experience,” and it’s coming out this year.
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.
That’s all I’m giving you for now… I know, I know! Again, with the teasing!!!
Get ready. This is going to be fun (well, at least it is for me).
- Justin

and play with sound he did. Every song is explorative and percolating with eccentric sound. Most tracks - all but one - are produced by +Timbaland , so the beats are happily familiar. Timberlake's harmonies prove that no one backs up Justin like Justin (sorry other ex-N'SYNCers). 

This is one of those albums you can simply play from start to finish, and not just because the iTunes stream will restart if you pause or try to skip. Just about every song lingers into a post-jam groove (recall the composure of Timberlake's 'Lovestoned'). The album glides smoothly from song to song. It's really a magical ride.

A quick story about me before I let you know what my favorite picks are: My senior year of high school, JT was touring with +Christina Aguilera. The most epic.tour.ever (at least in my 18-year-old opinion). One of my best friends promised she would get us tickets as a graduation present. 

I asked her for updates weekly. I let her know I would be happy to get them myself, no big deal. She forbid it and swore up and down that we were going for sure. 

One week before the concert she hit me with the bad news. And, of course, by this time there were no affordable tickets left. 

It was that day I experienced my first real heartbreak. 

Okay maybe not my first but it was pretty horrible. I cried. That's not an exaggeration. 

Then Timberlake dug deep into acting. I'm not mad at him for that by any means, but I have been waiting and waiting for a new album and...a new tour. 

Can I afford a JT/Jay-Z stadium tour? No. Am I going to do everything I can to go? 

You bet your bippy I am. 

I'll also keep my fingers crossed for a regular tour following the stadium version. I wouldn't put it past Timberlake. He's promoting the hell out of this album (hosting AND performing on SNL, an all week gig on +Jimmy Fallon, it appears he's extremely proud of it. 

And he should be. The title of the album comes from feedback that the music was "sound you can see." Admittedly it's very easy to invision everything happening in each song. And with crazy additional sounds like crickets, kids and other randomness, the songs are continuously stimulating and so much fun. 

My Faves:

1) 'Pusher Love Girl' - Ah!! Orchestral opening track! Well played, Mr. Timberlake!! Add in drug references and it's a recipe for instant success.

2)  'Strawberry Bubblegum' - Occasionally throughout 'The 20/20 Experience,' JT plays with boyish approaches to mature subjects over grown and sexy tracks (another example is 'Spaceship Coupe'). This song is adorable with an undeniable groove. The only time I will interrupt this album is to put this one on repeat.

3) 'Tunnel Vision' - Quintessential Timbaland track. Nuff said. 

4) 'Let The Groove In' - This. Song. It's like the after party at a college diversity festival. Sounds from the tropics, the west indies, latin countries, the motherland...if you don't move to this beat you might need to check your vitals. 

Note: I've loved 'Suit & Tie' from the beginning, but the song caught a lot of flack. Know that it is literally the worst song on this album. 

Yeah. You need to hear this. 



  1. This is why I love music - all the songs you liked best? Those were the ones I liked the least. lol...I've only listened once all the way through and after reading your post, I feel like I need to go read some interviews about the album before re-listening. I think I'm missing "it."

    1. i think it's great how he's really let his fans in on his entire process for this album. i'm honestly so partial to him because i have always always always loved justin timberlake. i feel like there is something for everyone on this album...except for the heartbroken. there are no dejected, crushed or unrequited love songs on it. maybe there will be something in the 10 tracks later this year. happy listening!


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