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Perfect Pitch

My latest goal is the perfect my pitch.

20th Century Fox/Via Tumblr
No not that kind.

Universal Studios/Via Tumblr
Not that either, though it wouldn't hurt. Maybe I could moonlight as a performer and bring in some much-needed cash. 

No, no. The pitch I'm talking about is more journalistic; the story pitch. The "hey I have this amazing idea that I want to send out to a lot of people on YOUR publication, so please understand how pivotal it is and let me write it and share and pleezethanx." 

For some reason I always freeze up when the time comes. OK, truth time. I know what the reason is: 
The fear of rejection.

How many times has that exact fear stopped us from doing so much? Applying to a job that would actually challenge us. Moving to a new place that would require you to start "all over." Quitting a job in order to follow your dream. Asking someone on a date. Telling someone you love them for the first time. All of these are scary ventures that lead to the moments in life that define us. But they don't just happen. They come with varied amount of risk, and to get over risk there is a hurdle named Fear. 

Some people tell me I'm brave, but I'm honestly not. Sure, I picked up and moved halfway across the country with no job and not enough money and (somehow) I've made it work. Yeah, OK, I quit a job that I didn't love so that I could give writing the real college try that I should have tried in college. Right, I'm unemployed in LA and I'm not running home to Mama. Yes, I've had some emotional trials and some health scares, but so have so many others. Truth be told I'm a complete pansy. The second I have the chance to prove myself I freeze up because I'm afraid that I will get a "no" or a "you're not good enough."

It's so hard to remember not to let one person's (or one company's) answer have such an impact. The point is to TRY. The more you try, the higher chance for success. 

You may surprise yourself. Like Aunt Em says in The Wiz: "You're never gonna know unless you try. Are ya?" Even though I'd love to be swept away in a Chicago wind tunnel so I can meet Michael Jackson as Scarecrow and Lena Horne as The Good Witch of the North, I'm going to have to learn these lessons on my own. We all must.

Universal Pictures/Via Tumblr

Maybe it's time to click those heels three times and stop being so afraid of actually achieving those dreams. Because when you get right down to it, the BIGGEST fear is regret.



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